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SYNOPSIS of SCENES and MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I 1. Prologue The First Landing - Dance—Mime Scene 1 The Riverside—Jamestown, Virginia. May 14th, 1607 2. Gold - George Percy and Ensemble 3. She Fancied Me - John Smith and Ensemble Scene 2 The Indian Village. Outside Powhatan’s Long House. Next Autumn 4. Free as a Bird - Pocahontas and Ensemble 5. You have to want to touch him - Winnuska, Pocahontas Scene 3 Captain Smith’s Bivouac. The same night 6. Too many miles from London Town - John Smith, Percy and Ensemble Scene 4 A clearing close by the Indian village 7. Eagle Dance - Betty Wheeler, Ian James and 8. Dance Ensemble 9. London Bridge is falling down - Tom Savage, John Smith and Company Scene 5 Smith’s Indian hut. One week later 10. I Love You Johnny Smith - Pocahontas, John Smith Scene 6 Jamestown—Outside the Fort. Soon after 11. Reprise She Fancied Me - John Smith Scene 7 Outside the wall, near the quayside. Directly after 12. Things - Newport, John Smith, Hunt, Percy 13. Virginia - John Smith, Percy, Hunt and Ensemble Scene 8 The Indian village. Outside Powhatan’s Long House. Spring 14. Oranges and Lemons John Smith 15. I Want to Live with You Pocahontas Scene 9 Jamestown—Outside the Fort. Autumn 1609 INTERVAL ACT II Scene 1 Jamestown—Village Square. A Sunday Morning in Spring, 1611 16. I Have Lost My Way - Pocahontas 17. Give Me a Sign - John Rolfe, Pocahontas Scene 2 Fields by the River 18. Like My True Love Grows - Pocahontas, Gates Girls, Tom Savage, Namuntak and Ensemble Scene 3 Rolfe’s Tobacco Plot 19. Yes, I Love You Pocahontas, John Rolfe 20. Scene 4 Outside the wall, near the quayside 21. Scene 5 Village Square, April 22. Scene 6 Outside the wall, near the quayside Scene 7 The Bell Inn—Ludgate 23. Fit For a Princess - William Savage and Ensemble 24. You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down - John Smith and Tom Savage