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Act 2 As king, Pippin brings peace to the land by giving to the poor, eradicating taxes, ending the military, and peacefully settling foreign disputes. However, this soon falls through, as Pippin is forced to go back on many of his promises, reverting to the tyrannical ways of his father. At Pippin’s request, the Leading Player revives Charlemagne, who takes the throne back, and Pippin is left discouraged, as his life is still unfulfilled. The Leading Player inspired him to keep going down his life’s path (“On the Right Track”), but after experimenting with art and religion, Pippin falls into monumental despair and collapses on the floor. Widowed farm-owner Catherine finds him on the street and is attracted by the arch of his foot (“And There He Was”), and when Pippin comes to, she introduces herself (“Kind of Woman”). From the start, it is clear that the Leading Player is concerned with Catherine’s acting ability and actual attraction to Pippin — after all, she is but a player playing a part in the Leading Player’s yet-to-be-unfolded plan. Catherine has Pippin help as a farmhand on her estate. At first, Pippin thinks himself above such things (“Extraordinary”), but after comforting her son, Theo, on the sickness and eventual death of his pet duck (“Prayer for a Duck”) he warms up to Catherine (“Love Song”). However, as time goes by, Pippin realizes he’s grown too comfortable in monotony, and leaves the estate to continue searching for his true purpose. Catherine is heartbroken and reflects on him, spontaneously beginning a song that was not initially in the script, much to the Leading Player’s anger and surprise (“I Guess I’ll Miss the Man”). All alone on a stage, Pippin is surrounded by the Leading Player and the various Players. They tell him that the only fulfilling thing is their one perfect act, the Finale, in which Pippin will light himself on fire and “become one with the flame”, implying that he will die in the process. Just when he is about to do it, he realizes that there has to be something other than death and chooses not to follow through (“Finale”). He sings that he is not a river, nor a large bird. Catherine and her son Theo enter, defying the script, and stand beside Pippin. He sings to her and that his purpose was never in magic... “it never was there. I think it was here.” The company chant “compromiser, compromiser.” The Leading Player becomes furious and calls off the show, telling the rest of the Players and the orchestra to pack up and leave Pippin, Catherine, and her son alone on the empty stage. The player even takes Pippin and Catherine’s costume and wigs, and tells Pippin that she has a mole! The player forces the orchestra to stop. How will Pippin like playing without music? After the Player leaves, Pippin sings again that his purpose “never was there, I think it was here,” to Catherine. I MUSICAL NUMBERS • Magic To Do - Leading Player, Company • Corner of the Sky - Pippin • Welcome Home - Charles, Pippin • War is a Science - Charles, Pippin, Company • Gloy - Leading Player, Company • Simple Joys - Leading Player • No Time at All - Berthe, Company • With You - Pippin • Spread a Little Sunshine - Fastrada • Morning Glow - Pippin, Leading Player, Company • On the Right Track - Pippin, Leading Player • There He Was - Catherine • Kind Of oman - Catherine • Extraordinary - Pippin • Prayer For a Duck - Pippin • Love Song - Pippin, Catherine • I Guess I'll Miss the Man - Catherine • Finale - Company CAST. - Principals: 5 Male, 3 Female. • Leading Player • Pippin • Charles • Lewis • Fastrada • Musician • Theo • The Head • Berthe • Beggar • Peasant • Noble • Field Marshall • Catherin DISCOGRAPHY • Pippin - Original Broadway Cast Recording