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THE PIRATE PRETENDER Music and Lyrics by Richard Taylor. Book by April Cantelo SYNOPSIS On the idyllic island of Gardenia, ruled over by the much-loved Duke and his family, all is not as peaceful as it could be. For many years now a fierce band of local pirates, led by Captain Jake, have been creating havoc and when Jake plans to kidnap the Duke's beautiful daughter, Petunia, and make her his bride the fun really begins. With a rollicking tuneful score by Richard Taylor (the composer of Whistle Down the Wind), and a witty, action-packed book by April Cantelo, this musical is ideal for junior and lower secondary schools. STORY For many years the relationship between the peaceful islanders of Gardenia and the fierce Pirates, led by Captain Jake, has been a turbulent one. Now Jake is ready for his greatest act of menace to date – he plans to kidnap the Duke of Gardenia’s beautiful daughter, Petunia, and make her his bride. For the islanders, though, there could be no worse day for such an evil plot, since it is the day of their lavish Flower Festival. The plan, however, goes terribly wrong. Jake’s timid son and cabin boy, Carlo, is captured by the island’s guards, and then imprisoned after the Duke’s own highly troublesome son, Narcissus, falsely accuses him of attempting to woo Petunia... and when Jake’s ambitious molls, Clara and Bess, return from the festival with their royal captive, convinced they have done well, they are found to have kidnapped the Duchess instead of her daughter! In his fury Jake vows that he will stop at nothing until the island flies the pirate flag: and though the pirates are as yet unaware, they soon will learn that Jake’s boot has long been in the Palace door...! CAST: - 6 female, 6 male, many small male and female roles, 2 narrators, chorus. • Narrator 1 • Narrator 2 • Royal Family: • Duke of Gardenia • Duchess of Gardenia • Petunia and Narcissus: their children • Guards: • Elm • Fir • Birch • Beech • Yew • Oak • Ash • Willow • Major Hardwood • Other Guards • Islanders: • Lobelia: Petunia’s close friend. • Attendants to the Duke and Duchess • Bodyguards for Narcissus • Festival Officials, Stall Holders, Entertainers • Other Islanders • Pirates: • Captain Jake: pirate. • Carlo: Captain Jake’s cabin boy. • Clara and Bess: the Pirate Molls. • Dead-Eyed Dick • One-Arm Arthur • Speaking Pirates 1-5 • Singing Pirates 1-3 • Pirate Tailor • Other Pirates INSTRUMENTATION: Piano