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INSTRUMENTATION - (Total number of books = 20) * 2 Violins I 1 Violin II 1 Viola/Mandolin 1 Cello 1 Double Bass 1st Reed -Flute/Piccolo/Clarinet/Alto Sax 2nd Reed -Oboe/Clarinet/Alto Sax 3rd Reed - Clarinet/Tenor Sax 4th Reed - Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Tenor Sax 5th Reed - Bassoon/Clarinet/Baritone Sax 1 Horn I 1 Horn II 1 Trumpet I 1 Trumpet II 1 Trombone I 1 Trombone II 1 Percussion 1 Guitar 1 Conductor Score - annotated vocal score *Instruments of the Orchestra in the New York Production. WOODWINDS (W/'winds.): 1st Player: Flute (Fl.); Piccolo (Pice.): Clarinet (Clar.); Alto Sax. 2nd Player: Flute; Piccolo; Clarinet; Alto Sax. 3rd Player: Oboe; Clarinet; Tenor Sax. 4th Player: Clarinet; Bass Clarinet; Tenor Sax. 5th Player: Bassoon (Bssn.); Flute; Piccolo; Clarinet; Bass Clarinet; Baritone Sax. BRASS (Br.): 3 French Horns (Hn.) 3 Trumpets (Tpt.) 2 Trombones (Trnib.) 1 Percussion (Thnp.; Dr.) I Piano, doubling Celesta 1 Banjo, doubling Guitar (Guit.) STRINGS (Str.): 8 Violins (Vln.); A and B 2 Violas (Vla.); one doubling Mandolin (hand.) 2 'Celli 2 Basses (Bs.), one doubling Tuba DISCOGRAPHY: Paint Your Wagon (Original Broadway Cast Recording) Paint Your Wagon (New York City Center Encores) Paint Your Wagon (Selections by Original Cast)