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CAST • Walt • Jennifer Rumson • Salem Trumbull • Jasper • Ben Rumson • Steve Bullnack • Pete Billings • Cherry • Jake Whippany • Mike Mooney • Lee Zen • Doctor Newcomb • Edgar Crocker • Sandy Twist • Reuben Sloane • Julio Valveras • Jacob Woodling • Elizabeth Woodling Sarah Woodling • Dutchie • Carmellita • Yvonne Sorel • Suzanne Duval • Raymond Janney • Rocky • Ed • Jack • Bill • Sam • Johansen • • Miners; Fandangos SYNOPSIS OF SCENES ACT I • SCENE I A California hilltop, May, 1853. • SCENE 2 Various parts of California. • SCENE 3 In front of Salem's store, July. • SCENE 4 Outside Rumson's cabin, two months later. • SCENE 5 Rumson's cabin, September. • SCENE 6 A hillside near Rumson. • SCENE 7 Dutchie's saloon, the following Sunday. • SCENE 8 Outside Rumson's cabin, that night. • SCENE 9 Julio's cabin. • SCENE 10 On the way to the Square. • SCENE 11 Rumson Square, immediately following. ACT II • SCENE 1 Jake's Palace, November, 1854. • SCENE 2 The diggin's, two weeks later. • SCENE 3 Rumson's cabin, December. • SCENE 4 A street in Rumson, evening, the next day. • SCENE 5 Jake's Palace, immediately following. • SCENE 6 A hillside near Rumson, the next day. • SCENE 7 Rumson Square, the following Spring. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I Overture Introduction To Scene I I'm On My Way (Steve, men) Rumson Town What's Goin' On Here I Talk to the Trees (Julio) Lonely Men Ballet They Call the Wind Maria (Steve) Introduction to Scene Iv Introduction to Scene V I Still See Elisa How Can I Wait? (Jennifer) I'm On My Way (Reprise) Trio Rumson Town (Reprise) In Between Whoop-ti-ay (Ben, chorus) Introduction To Scene VIII Drunk Scene Carino Mio (Julio) There's A Coach Comin' In The Fandangos' Entrance and Dance The fandangos' exit Finaletto Act II Entr'acte Hand Me Down That Can O' Beans Rope Dance Can-Can Movin' Motive Another Autumn Introduction to Movin' Movin' Introduction to Scene III All For Him Wand'rin' Star (Ben) Introduction to Scene IV Incidental Music I Talk to the Trees (Reprise) Introduction to Scene V Fandangos' Farewell Rumson Town (Reprise) The Strike Wand'rin' Star (Reprise) Introduction to Scene VII Incidental Music Finale Ultimo Exit Music