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THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS Music, Lyrics and Book by Trisha Ward The Story "The Pilgrims Progress" is based upon John Bunyan's classic Quaker novel, written whilst he was imprisoned in the seventeenth century. It is a story of a journey by six travellers, led by Christian, from the sinful City of Destruction to the Celestial City and the difficulties and pitfalls that meet the Travellers on the way; - from the funny but frighteningly testing encounter between Christian and the Lucifer-like figure of Appollyon, to the bright lights and big temptations of Vanity Fayre and finally the energetic surmounting of the steep hill in "Hill Difficulty", best portrayed in dance. Only the strongest of the Travellers survive the temptations of the difficult journey to go on to claim their rightful reward with Christian in the Celestial City. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS - (plus Chorus) • Christian • Evangelist • Appollyon The Travellers: • Faithful (Male) • Scornful (Male) • Obstinate (Male) • Mercy (Female) • Timorous (Female) • Pliable (Female) PRINCIPAL MUSICAL NUMBERS • City Of Destruction (Company) • Appollyon's Song (Appollyon, Chorus) • It's All Right/It's Okay (The Travellers) • Vanity Fayre (Chorus) • The Devil Man (Night Club Singer) • Hill Difficulty (The Travellers, Chorus) • Bells In The City (Company) INSTRUMENTATION Details available on request