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PINK CHAMPAGNE Adapted by Eric Maschwitz and Bernard Grun from Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss Produced at the Scala Theatre, London, 1958 SYNOPSIS Gabriel Eisenstein should have surrendered to the local gaol, but couldn't resist an unexpected invitation to Prince Orlovsky's fabulous champagne party. His wife, Rosalinda, should be patiently awaiting the release of her poor husband, not entertaining Alfred, her ardent admirer. Adele should be attending to her duties as Rosalinda's maid, not flirting with Gabriel at the party. Prison Governor Frank should have made sure it was Gabriel he was arresting, then Alfred wouldn't have spent a night in gaol. Dr Falke, who has engineered the whole situation for the amusement of his friend the Prince, smugly awaits the outcome of his machinations. For the Chorus This happy adaptation of the familiar and light-hearted operetta offers more chorus work than the original, and additional dancing and acting opportunities. The resulting score demands a company of strong choral quality with the willingness to give the music the careful preparation it deserves. The chorus appear as servants of the Eisenstein household, dancers from the Opera House, waiters, waitresses and customers of the Café Trauber, prison warders and guests of Prince Orlovsky. CAST • Mitzi (a young maidservant) • Adele (personal maid to Rosalinda) • Ida (a dancer, Adele’s sister) • Lea (dancers, friend of Ida) • Lilli (dancers, friend of Ida) • Rosalinda (a Viennese beauty) • Gabriel Eisenstein (her husband) • Alfred (an admirer of Rosalinda) • Dr. Falke (a friend of Gabriel) • Dr. Blind (Gabriel’s lawyer) • Frau Trauber proprietress of a coffee house) • Frank (Governor of the City Gaol) • Frosch (chief Warder) • Trudi, Franzi (friends of Ida) • Prince Orlovsky (a Russian millionaire) • Ivan (Orlovsky’s servant) • Holtzapfel (assistant to Frosch) Singing Principals Rosalinda. Adele. Gabriel. Alfred. Dr Falke. Frank. Prince Orlovsky. Smaller Roles Ida, Adele's sister. Lea and Lilli, her friends. Mitzi, a maidservant. Frau Trauber, proprietress of a coffee house. Dr Blind, Gabriel's lawyer Frosch, chief prison warder Holtzapfel, his assistant. THE SCENES Act I The Eistenstein apartment. Café Trauber (front drop). Act II The salon, Orlovsky Palace. The orangery (front drop). Act III An ante-room in the city gaol