Shows "O"

ACT II 10. Mr Morton’s Interesting Facts About Death - Mr Morton, Other School Students 11. My Fault - Mrs Parish 12. Let’s Get Living - Barny, Barny's Gran, Polly, Ensemble 13. Brain Food - Kate the Dinner Lady 14. Do You Remember? - Kester, Polly 15. No Body at the Wheel - Axel, Ms Parish, Other School Students 16. Scared/My Fault Reprise - Polly, Ms Paris 17. Head Office - Polly, Other School Characters 18. What Matters - Kester, Ensemble 19. What Matters, Reprise. - Ensemble Note: Dougal Irvine was commissioned by NYMT in September 2012. Dominic Marsh came on board as coscriptwriter in October 2012. The first draft was completed in December 2012. The show was developed through readings and workshops throughout 2013 and was given a week run at the St James Theatre, London, in August 2013 produced by NYMT. It had a cast size of 25 and a band of 8.