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ONCE - THE MUSICAL Musical in 2 acts based on the film of the same name. Musical numbers were written by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. New York Theater Workshop 6th December 6, 2011 - closed 15th January, 2012. Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, Broadway - 18th March, 2012 SYNOPSIS ONCE tells the enchanting tale of a Dublin street musician who's about to give up on his dream when a beautiful young woman takes a sudden interest in his haunting love songs. As the chemistry between them grows, his music soars to powerful new heights... but their unlikely connection turns out to be deeper and more complex than your everyday romance. STORY Act I An unnamed, thirty-something Dublin busker ( "Guy"), sings and plays guitar in a local bar. He then puts his guitar away and is about to leave without it when a young, unnamed Czech woman ("Girl") approaches him. She persists in asking him personal questions about his songs. It is revealed through their conversation that he had written most of his songs for his unfaithful ex-girlfriend who now lives in New York City and he is giving up on his music to escape the memories he has of her. It is also revealed that he works as a vacuum cleaner repair man in his father's shop. The Girl reveals that she has a vacuum that needs repairing and offers to pay him with music, as she plays piano. She snatches sheet music for one of his songs from his jacket and although reluctant at first, the Guy picks up his guitar and they play the song together. After the song, the Girl suggests that if he plays that song for his old girlfriend he will win her back. He brushes this off and they go to his father's shop to repair the vacuum. While there, as the Guy fixes the vacuum, the Girl becomes acquainted with his father, who seems to like her. After repairing her vacuum, the Guy impulsively asks the Girl if she would like to see his room. Once in there, the Guy attempts to kiss the Girl, but she stops him and leaves. The next day he apologizes to her and the two quickly patch things up. They then excitedly write, rehearse and record songs, and get to know each other. The Girl even introduces the Guy to her family, including her young daughter, Ivanka. After the Guy leaves, the Girl listens to one of his songs and provides her own lyrics as she thinks of him. The Girl finds the Guy the next morning and tells him she has arranged a meeting with a banker. The pair attempt to persuade the banker to invest in the Guy's music, as they plan for him to take his music to New York. To convince the Bank Manager, the Guy plays him a song. Blown away by the Guy's talent, the Bank Manager reveals that he can play guitar as well and offers to join his band. He plays a song for them, however, he isn't a very good singer. The two allow him to play in the band anyway. The following night, the two go into a night club where the Guy thanks the Girl for showing him that his music really means something. The Girl has secretly signed the Guy up to perform for open mic under the alias of "The Hoover Man", to encourage him about singing in front of an audience. The Guy is reluctant, but he eventually takes the stage. While the Guy is singing, it is hinted that he is singing for the Girl this time rather than his ex-girlfriend. Act II During band practice, one of the musicians gets into an argument with the Bank Manager, saying he opposes capitalism despite the fact that he is a shop owner. To escape the commotion, the Guy and Girl retreat to a hill overlooking the city, where the two share a brief, tender moment. Before she departs, the Girl tells him in Czech, "I love you", but when he asks what it means, she merely tells him "It looks like rain". Wondering how he's going to live without her, the Guy proceeds to sing and play his guitar.