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The next day, the Guy's band records a demo for a major record label. After receiving praise for their performance, the band takes a break while the Girl remains at the piano. Thinking she is alone, she begins to play one of her own compositions, one that reveals the depths of her feelings for the Guy, unaware that he is listening. The Guy compliments her on the song and suggests that she and her family come to New York with him. He goes on to tell the Girl that although he originally wrote those songs for his ex-girlfriend he can only think of the Girl when he sings them now. After a moment of silence, the Girl reveals that her husband, Ivanka's father, has called her and is trying to reconcile. Though she loves him, the Girl snaps at the Guy and tells him that he can not feel that way. The following morning, the band gathers at the hill to reflect on their success with the album. Once alone, the Guy asks her to spend his last night in Dublin with him; she says that it would only result in "hanky-panky", which is a "bad idea", but after the Guy's pestering she ultimately agrees to come over. Back at the shop, he plays the demo for his father, who, moved and impressed, gives him money to help him get settled in New York. Before leaving for the airport, the Guy, encouraged by the Girl, calls his ex-girlfriend, who is happy about his imminent arrival. A few days later, the Girl comes home to find a piano with a bright red bow on it, a gift from the Guy. After shedding a few tears at the sight of the gift, she sits down and begins to play, while the Guy plays his guitar in his new apartment. CAST • Guy • Girl • Réza • Eamon • Andrej • Da • Baruška • Švec • Ivanka • Bank Manager • Ex-Girlfriend • Billy • Zygo – Emcee MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Leave – Guy 2. Falling Slowly – Guy & Girl 3. The North Strand – Ensemble 4. The Moon – Andrej (as Ensemble) 5. Ej, Pada, Pada, Rosicka – Ensemble 6. If You Want Me – Guy, Girl, & Ensemble 7. Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy – Guy 8. Say It to Me Now – Guy 9. Abandoned in Bandon – Bank Manager (composed by Martin Lowe, Andy Taylor and Enda Walsh) 10. Gold – Guy & Ensemble (composed by Fergus O'Farrell) 11. Sleeping – Guy 12. When Your Mind's Made Up – Guy, Girl, & Ensemble 13. The Hill – Girl 14. Gold (A Cappella) – Company 15. It Cannot Be About That - Ensemble 16. The Moon – Company 17. Falling Slowly (Reprise) – Guy, Girl, & Ensemble DISCOGRAPHY Once: A New Musical (Original Cast Recording)