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MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. The Story Begins (including: A Little Child Shal Lead, The King of Darkest Africa, Little Kids Running the Roads, Hing Hang Hung) - Rachel, John, Pearl, Ben, Willa, Blue Men, Minister, Warden & Children 2. The Lord Will Provide -The Preacher 3. The Watch - John 4. Lookin' Ahead - Willa, Key, Walt and Townspeople 5. Love and Hate - The Preacher, Townspeople 6. The River Jesus - Willa, Key, Walt & Townspeople 7. Expect a Miracle - The Preacher, Key, Miz Cunningham 8. Wedding NIght - Willa, The Preacher 9. Trading Secrets - The Preacher, Pearl and Willa 10. The River Journey/Me 'n' Little Sister - John, Pearl and The Preacher 11. One More Harvest - Rachel, John 12. Ruby at the Drug Store - Ruby, Boys & the Preacher 13. The Wind and the Rain (Finale) - Rachel, John, Pearl & Children DISCOGRAPHY: Cast Recordings starring Ron Raines, Dorothy Loudon & Sally Mayes - Varèse Sarabande VSD-5876