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Scene 6, Evangeline, Miss Pratt and Pither find themselves in front of a curtain at the Folies. Evangeline decides to stay, until André informs her that their relationship will be strictly business, and she will live with the Pithers at their hostel. At once, she agrees to return to Oxford. Scene 7 is Aunt Ermyntrude's garden in Oxford. As at the opening of the play, Winnie is setting the table for tea; she is chatting with the good-looking young gardener, Joe, whom Aunt Ermyntrude, as confused as ever, continues to call Henry, despite all his corrections. Edith Sandford enters, still wearing her uniform. She reminds her hostess that it is one year to the day since Evangeline was expected back from school. When Pither escorts the girl into the garden, her aunt's only comment is "You're a little late, dear," to which the dutiful niece responds," Dear Aunty. Yes, you see I stopped on the way from the station to buy you your favourite tea cakes." Pither proudly proclaims to Edith that Evangeline has indeed travelled alone unmolested. When everyone else exits, Evangeline quietly sings a reprise of "Experiment." On her line, "the apple on the top of the tree," Joe comes to her, offering an apple, as the curtain falls. © 1990 by Miles Kreuger Note: This synopsis was derived from an original 1933 script given by Cole Porter to Miles Kreuger. CAST - (in order of appearance) - doubled roles shown • Evangeline • Winnie/Kitchen Maid/Bored Visitor/Tourist • Edith Sandford/Felizia • Aunt Ermyntrude • Dr Sandford/Kassim • Reverend Mr Pither • Bertha • Joyce • Henrietta • Madeleine • Miss Pratt • André de Croissant • Madame Celestine • Hercule/Stage Manager • Alexei • Count Hohenadelborn-Mantalini • Clarissa Parks • Waiter/Gondolier/Bored Visitor/ Tourist • Frenchman/Attendant/Piou Piou • Pierre Fort/Bored Visitor/Tourist/ Major Domo • Pedro Bernanos • Footman/Piou Piou • Bessie/and Chorus Girl • Mrs Bamberg • Constantine • Bored Visitor/Tourist • Ali • Haidee Robinson • Ben Winthrop • 1st Chorus Girl • all Boy • Jo MUSICAL NUMBERS: Overture (Orchestra) 1. Experiment (Mrs Pratt and chorus) 2. It's Bad for Me (Evangeline) 3. Neauville-sur-Mer (Chorus) 4. The Cocotte (Clarissa) 5. How Could We Be Wrong? (Evangeline and Chorus) 6. They're Always Entertaining (Chorus) 7. Georgia Sand (Henrietta and Chorus) 8. Nymph Errant (Evangeline and company) 9. Ruins (Chorus) 10. The Physician (Evangeline) 11. Solomon (Haidee) 12. Back to Nature with You (Evangeline and Ben) 13. Plumbing (Ben) 14. Si vous aimez les poitrines (Madeleine and chorus) 15. You're Too Far Away (Alexei) 16. Sweet Nudity (Girls and Boys - with soloists) 17. My Louisa (not used) 18. Cazanova (Henrietta) 19. Concert Finale: Experiment (The Company) DISCOGRAPHY Nymph Errant (1990 Concert Cast)