Shows M

21. No. 21 - Intro. and Ensemble - "God save ye merry gentlemen, God save ye merry gentlemen, God save ye merry gentlemen, and give ye Christmas cheer..." 22. No. 22 - Song - Lady Vivian and Chorus - "Colin was only a shepherd lad, but soothly a goodly lad was he; and sorry to say, in a foolish way he longed for a lady..." 23. No. 23 - Sextet - Robin, Guy, Sheriff, John, Tuck, Scarlet - "Two bluebottle flies went out one day for a pleasant walk together and they lit on the head of a cobbler." 24. No. 24 - Finale Act III - "Now chime the wedding bells. Let wedding bells merrily ring. Ring on! Oh, the clink and the clank of the sword has charms in the ear..." CAST • Robert of Huntington (Robin Hood) (tenor) • The Sheriff of Nottingham (baritone) • Sir Guy of Gisborne, a ward of the sheriff (tenor) • Little John, outlaw (baritone) • Will Scarlet, outlaw, blacksmith and armourer (bass) • Friar Tuck, outlaw clergyman (bass) • Allan A-Dale, outlaw (contralto) • Lady Marian Fitzwalter (Maid Marian) (soprano) • Dame Durden, a widow (mezzo-soprano) • Annabel, Durden's daughter (soprano) plus chorus