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MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I - The Park surrounding the Castle of the Earl of Huntington. Overture 1. Introduction and Opening Chorus - "The morn is dawning bright and clear, a morning meet to hunt the deer; the horns I hear resounding near, so near..." 2. Song - Lady Vivian and Chorus - "Annabel was fairest of the village maidens, and she knew she was fair ... All fair maids well know that they are fair..." 3. Song - Scarlet, Friar Tuck and Chorus - "The cellar is dark and the cellar is deep. (Ho, drink, lads, with a will) My lord of the hall goodly liquor doth keep..." 4. Song - Marian and Chorus - "Let one who will go hunt the deer in covert close; so will not I. E'en tho' I love the echo clear..." 5. Entrance and Song - Sheriff and Chorus - "With lordly pomp and lordly pride..." then, "I am the Sheriff mild and good, identified with Robin Hood..." 6. Song - Little John and Men - "Now lads I will sing to ye all a song of the forest so cool and so green ... Sing on, my lad, of forest cool and green..." 7. Madrigal - "Love may come, and love may go, straying ever where it will; resting never, wand'ring still, and never for a moment staying..." 8. Trio - Vivian, Little John and Dame - "When a woman fain would marry, if her swain's inclined to tarry, it's because she doesn't know just how to treat him." 9. Finale Act I - "Now's the time for our preparing fond farewells to say, for the soldiers go today to the wars away; our friends depart today..." ACT II - The Camp of the Crusaders in the desert, with the city of Acre in the distance. No. 9a - Entr'Acte - The Crusader's March. 10. Opening Chorus - "Here in the camp we wait for the battle, one and all, one and all. Here in bivouac awaiting for the fray. The hours in camp are gay..." 11. Song - Scarlet and Chorus - "A pious monk once tried to teach to an old magpie the art of speech. From pray'r and penance he'd keep away..." 12. Song - Robin and Chorus - "When the red sun sinks and the grey owl blinks full of joy at the coming night, then the outlaw lad through the forest goes..." 13. Serenade - Sheriff and Chorus - "Go on and give us advice, your advice bestow on us, la, la, la ... When a man is in love, if he'll take my advice..." 14. Trio - Robin, Scarlet, Little John and Male Chorus - "The man at arms is a terror in a fight, and the carnage of war is his heart's delight..." 15. Song - Alan-a-Dale - "Through all the years thy faith unbroken has shown to me how true thou art; thy gentle glances oft have spoken, and told more..." 16. Snake Charmer's Song - Marian and Chorus - "See where the serpent charmer fair calls forth the cobra from its lair. Do not fear; though it come near..." 17. Quartet - Sheriff, Dame, Guy and Tuck - "If you were I and I were you, sing marry come up for the change there would be. I'd rather be myself than you..." 18. Duet - Marian and Robin - "All the time of parting o'er, how sweet to meet thee; days of separation seem now but a passing dream..." 19. Song - Robin and Men - "Guard ye the banner of St George ... That will I! ... Guard well the standard we adore ... That will I! The trust that's given me..." 20. Finale Act II - "Lead on, Moslems! Saracens, your foe is there. Lead on, Moslems! You will take him unaware. Allah will direct each arm..." ACT III - The great Banqueting Hall of Huntington Castle on Christmas Day. No. 20a - Entr'Acte II - Saracen Patrol.