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ADDENDA. Extra Duet - Platt & Louise - "I've lived for many a year on a branch line..." Extra Song - Louise & Chorus - "There is not the slightest doubt, if you chance to look about..." Extra Duet - La Bolero, with Freddy - "Some day, when I am lazy, if I may, I'll be a country daisy for a day..." SCENES AND SETTINGS ACT I - The Azalea Lounge of the Blitz Hotel, Piccadilly. (Evening.) ACT II - La Boléro's Flat, Fount Street, W. (Following Afternoon) ACT III - Outside the Ballroom of the Kursaal, Wrexhill-on-Sea - The Motor Carnival. (Same Evening) CAST • Freddy Popple (of Ippleton) • Norman Popple (his Brother) • George Hennay (a large Furnishing Man) • Henry Doring (a Wine Merchant) • Jacques Kenyon (a singer at the Charity Theatre) • Lord Downe, Pat Fenton - (Patrons of the Charity Theatre) • Hon. Kerr Buretta (Secretary of the Magpie Motor Club) • Alfred (Lift Attendant at La Bolero's Flat) • Maurice (Head Waiter at the Blitz Hotel) • John (Waiter at the Blitz Hotel) • William (Waiter at the Kursaal, Wrexhill-on-Sea) • Platt (Servant to Freddy Popple) • Mrs. Doring • Mrs. Hennay • Violet Brinton (Protégée of Mrs. Hennay) • Gladys, Rosie, Catherine, Marie, Clytie, Mabel - (of the Charity Theatre) • Louise (Maid to La Boléro) • La Boléro