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MR. PRESIDENT Music & Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Book by Howard Linsay and Russel Crouse St James Theatre, Broadway - October 20, 1962 (265 perfs) SYNOPSIS For his final Broadway score, Irving Berlin went to the top - the office of the President of the United States. President Stephen Decatur Henderson is en route to Russia when the Soviet tour is cancelled. Although a breach of protocol, he determines to land in Moscow nonetheless and the resulting humiliation costs his his re-election. He yearns to return to political life but when the offer of a senate seat comes with conditions attached, he turns it down. His love of country is primary though, and eventually he proudly returns to government at the behest of the new President. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Prologue - Theatre Manager 2. Let's Go Back To the Waltz - Nell & ensemble 3. In Our Hide-Away - Steve and Nell 4. The First Lady - Nell 5. Meat and Potatoes - Pat Gregory & Charley Wayne 6. I've Got To Be Around - Pat Gregory 7. The Secret Service - Leslie 8. It Gets Lonely In the Whitehouse - Steve 9. Is He the Only Man In the World? - Nell & Leslie 10. They Love Me - Nell & ensemble 11. Pigtails and Freckles- Pat & Leslie 12. Don't Be Afraid Of Romance - Youssein 13. Laugh It Up - Nell, Steve, Leslie & Larry 14. Empty Pockets Filled With Love - Pat and Leslie 15. Glad To Be Home - Nell and ensemble 16. You Need A Hobby - Steve and Nell 17. The Washington Twist - Leslie 18. The Only Dance I Know - Princess Kyra and dancers 19. I'm Gonna Get Him - Nell and Leslie 20. This Is A Great Country - Steve & Company CAST: - 3 men, 3 women, 1 featured Belly Dancer, chorus. (Total cast 35 - 50) • President Stephen Decatur Henderson (Steve) - actor who sings and dances • Nell Henderson- good character woman for light comic role, sings and dances • Leslie Henderson- Cute young actress who sings and dances • Pat Gregory- actor with good voice, minor dance • Youssein Davair- mostly straight role, sings 1 number. Dual singing and dancing chorus.