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ACT II - The Palace of Spoofah Beh in Old Tangier, Morocco. 17. Opening Chorus Act II - "Fareshah! Fareshah! Fareshah! Mareshah! Chareshah oum!..." 18. Song - Vizier, with Chorus - "I am the very Grand Vizier, to all the land extremely dear..."1 19. 8a - "Morocco Boot" - Grotesque Exit 20. Scene and Song - Squire, with Chorus - "My lord, it comes..." 21. Song - Vivian - "Light of love that only made my life so bright..." 22. Chorus - "Once more we have the leave to enter in procession..." 23. Song - Maude and Chorus - "I'm the queen of merry Monaco, known to all the visitors who go..." 24. Drinking Song (singer unspecified) - "Oh, morning bids the hunter wake and blow the merry horn..." 25. Song - Spoofah and Chorus - "I will tell you all that happen'd to the thranscendental plan..." 26. Cymbal Dance - Pas Seul 27. Duet - Squire and Spoofah - "If you go to a swell Music Hall..." 28. Concerted Piece - Finale - The Red Morocco Boot - "If you should ask for our advice..." CAST • Spoofah Bey (An Irish Con-Man) • Squire Higgins (One Of The Nouveau-Riche) • Vivian Higgins (The Squire's Eldest Son) • Dolly Higgins (Another Of The Squire's Sons) • Josiah Higgins (The Squire's Brother) • Lord Percy Pimpleton • Sid Fakah (Moroccan Grand Vizier) • Musket (A Servant) • Maude Sportington (Dolly's Girl-Friend) • Ethel Sportington (Vivian's Girl-Friend) • Comtesse De La Blague (Spoofah's Sister, A Phoney "Countess") • Lady Walkover (Maude's Friend) • Rhea Porter (A Lady Journalist) • Eva Sketchley • Hilda Adlette