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MOROCCO BOUND A musical farcical comedy in 2 acts by Arthur Branscombe. Music by Frank Osmond Carr; Lyrics by Adrian Ross Shaftesbury Theatre, 13th April, 1893. Transferred to Trafalgar Theatre 8th January, 1984. Closed 10th February, 1894 (295 perfs) STORY: An Irish adventurer known as Spoofah Bey is anxious to gain a concession for music halls in Morocco. To finance his venture, he and his suister, a phony countess, go to work on the wealthy, retired costermonger, Squire Higgins. Their scheme is to get him to invest in the British Palace of Varieties, but their scheme is foiled by the arrival of the down-to-earth brother, Josiah. However, Spoofah has persuaded the Squire to come tyo stay in his palace in Morocco. Higgins, and ghis sons, Vivian and Dolly, together with thier young ladies, Maude and Ethel Sportington, under the chaperonage of their aunt, Lady Walkover, the bluff Josiah and his companion bulldog, Miss Rhea Porter, journalist, Miss Eva Sketchly, artists and friends all set sail for Morocco in the Higgins' yacht. Spoofha pretends to the guests that the Grand Vizier's palace is his; to the Vizier he explains that his cargo are specimens of the flowers of English Music Hall. By a series of bluffs the guests are inveigled into giving a 'turn' a-piece. Spoofah's concession seems safe. However, all is betrayed by the goofy Lord Percy Pimpleton from the Embassy. The Vizier's fury is calmed by the pretty ladies and all ends happily with Higgions created a Knight of the Red Moroccan Boot. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I - Mokeleigh Hall, an English stately home. 1. Opening Chorus - "England is diversified by eligible mansions..." 2. Song - Musket - "I've serv'd the boards of 'aughty lords..." (three verses) 3. Duet - Maude & Lady Walkover - "The latest social appetite, of course, you know..." 4. Song - Ethel - "When maidens fair in days of old..." 5. Song - Spoofah - "If I had cash to cut a dash, I'd run as straight as any..." 6. Duet - Comtesse & Spoofah - "In pastoral seclusion how happily we'll fare..." 7. Chorus - "Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah for the Squire..." 8. Song - Squire ("Honesty Jim") - "I never 'ad friends for to foster, or give me a show at a stall..." 9. Chorus and Solos - Vivian & Squire - "Gladly greet our future master, welcome home our coming lord..." 10. Song - Ethel - "If I were a royal lady, and he were of low degree..." 11. Trio and Dance - Spoofah, Squire & Josiah - "The thought of ev'ry Englishman, who's not a Laboucherian..." 12. Song - Vivian - "Stars come out in the skies that darken, silent above..." 13. Pas Seul 14. Duet - Ethel & Vivian - "There's a word, or possibly two..." 15. Song - Spoofah & Chorus - "I have stay'd for a time at each palace sublime..." 16. Finale Act I - "I'll tell you what I'll do..."