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humiliation of her childhood. As she talks, Liza is carried back to the times when she was made to feel unattractive by her father, then scorned by her "prince" in a school play, and finally abandoned by her beau at the high school prom. Dr. Brooks emphasises that Liza, having lost a succession of boyfriends, sought refuge in being plain; that as a woman she has been denying herself this form of feminine identity. The lifting of the mental block brings release and she sings for the first time in its entirety the haunting song she has been trying to remember. One week later at the office, Liza is in better spirits than she has been in months, and Randy urges her to marry him. She has the strength he needs, he confesses, since he himself is actually weak. Liza asks for time to think this proposal over, when Charley enters to say goodbye. For the first time Liza recognises a salient truth that has so long been eluding her: it is Charley that she loves. She asks him to stay and share the stewardship of the magazine. CAST: - 9 men, 11 women, chorus CHARACTERS • Liza Elliott - The classic case of a successful career masking a deep-seated inadequacy as a woman. A combination of psycho-analysis and her relationships with several other men finally lead her out of the dark and to the ability to make the important decisions that she has evaded. (Soprano) • Maggie Grant - The loyal friend and helpmate of Liza; she is intelligent, forbearing and genuinely caring, but not sensitive enough to recognise Liza's real problem, though she thinks she does. (Speaking role) • Charley Johnson - World-weary, but the most genuine man in the Allure office or around Liza. And he is the only one who has sufficient strength not to need her. (Baritone) • Kendall Nesbitt - Supportive and mature, his relationship with Liza emerges as one of dependence and he has great difficulty in accepting that she will not marry him. (Baritone) • Randy Curtis - Superficially very attractive, he himself admits that he is lacking in self-confidence and sees in Liza a sheet-anchor, and that is something she cannot contemplate. (Baritone) • Russell Paxton - Fey and self-centred, but obviously a considerable professional asset to the magazine. (Baritone) • Alison du Bois - All French-polish on a very middle-American piece, she convinces nobody but herself. She displays insensitivity to atmosphere. (Speaking role) • Dr. Brooks - A patient and sympathetic professional. (Speaking role) • Miss Foster - Office stalwart. (Mezzo-soprano) • Miss Bowers - Miss Stevens - Office stalwarts. (Speaking roles) SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1: Dr. Brooks' Office. Scene 2: Liza Elliott's Office. The same day. Scene 3: Dr. Brooks' Office. The next day. Scene 4: Liza Elliott's Office. Late that afternoon. Act 2 Scene 1: Liza Elliott's Office. Late the following afternoon. Scene 2: Dr. Brooks' Office. Later that evening. Scene 3: Liza Elliott's Office. A week later.