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console Jenny who is distraught as Johnny has ended their romance. Barnardo is victorious in court and receives money in damages. The Edinburgh Castle is placed up for auction. Barnardo decides to buy it as his ownership will serve to quash the pub's evil influence and the building can be converted to further his cause. Barnardo and Syrie marry. Their union provides the spark for two of the children to pretend they too will be a couple. Barnardo converts the public house of the Edinburgh Castle into a tea and coffee only establishment. Barnardo and Syrie are blissfully happy and discuss their plans for the future in their study at the Edinburgh Castle. The show closes with Barnardo and Syrie putting the children to bed. (Jennifer J.Bogdanski) CAST • Barnardo, a medical student who founds the charity known today as Barnardo’s • Syrie, an evangelist who falls in love with Barnardo • Johnny Farthingay, the son of the Edinburgh Castle’s landlady • Jenny, Johnny’s love who eventually becomes Syrie’s maid • Rose, the leader of the London Cockneys, a scarlet girl with a good heart • Prime Minister, the head of the British government and a loyal supporter of Barnardo’s cause • Auctioneer, overseer of the sale of the Edinburgh Castle • Narrator MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Introduction – Narrator 2. Overture 3. Twice In Love Every Day – Rose and Chorus 4. I'm A Very Busy Man – Barnardo and Cockneys 5. Love Is Here – Johnny and Jenny 6. Strange And Lovely Song – Barnardo 7. The Likes Of Us – Children 8. How Am I To Know – Barnardo 9. We'll Get Him – Rose and Chorus 10. This Is My Time – Syrie 11. Lion-Hearted Land – Prime Minister and Cabinet 12. We'll Get Him reprise – Rose and Chorus 13. Love Is Here reprise – Johnny and Jenny 14. A Man On His Own – Barnardo and Chorus 15. Entr'acte 16. You Can Never Make It Alone – Syrie and Children 17. Hold A March – Rose and Chorus 18. Will This Last Forever? – Barnardo and Syrie 19. You Won't Care About Him Anymore – Syrie and Jenny 20. Going, Going, Gone! – Auctioneer, Barnardo and Crowd 21. Man Of The World – Cockney Children 22. Have Another Cup Of Tea – Full Company 23. Strange And Lovely Song reprise – Barnardo and Syrie 24. The Likes Of Us reprise - Children DISCOGRAPHY The Likes Of Us (2005 Sydmonton Festival)