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is willing to pay. Wintergreen devises a solution: a baseball game for the war debts — double or nothing — with the Supreme Court Justices playing the nine remaining members of the League of Nations. Outside the ball park, the judges exert pressure on Umpire Throttlebottom as they warm up. The League of Nations also tries to strong-armThrottlebottom. And the game begins. The results are revealed later in a military courtroom where Throttlebottom is being tried for conspiracy. Despite the defendant's protests prosecutor Kruger convinces the court to Throttle Throttlebottom and sentence him to the guillotine. The ensuing Trial of Wintergreen brings a similar verdict as Wintergreen and his committee are sentenced to be beheaded at dawn. As Kruger proclaims himself dictator, he and Trixie celebrate their new regime. The following day reveals the crowd in a merry mood. Wintergreen and his cohorts are led to the guillotine, but Mary halts the proceedings with a Fashion Show of the latest Paris styles. Only blue can be worn under the revolution, Mary reminds the ladies present; however, if Kruger is overthrown, they will be free to dress as they please. Acquiescing to the female populace, the Army seizes Kruger. Wintergreen restores the Republic, but gives up his dreams of the Presidency to open a new clothing store. Since Tweedledee has accepted an offer to run Cuba, Throttlebottom becomes President. — Tommy Krasker MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act I 1. Overture - Orchestra Scene 1 2. Wintergreen for President - Ensemble Scene 2 3. Tweedledee for President - Ensemble Scene 3 - Union Square Scene 4. Union Square - Ensemble 5. Down With Everyone Who’s Up - Kruger and Agitators Scene 4 - Store 6. Shirts by Millions - Wives and Ensemble 7. Comes the Revolution - Alexander Throttlebottom and Ensemble 8. Mine - John P. Wintergreen, Mary Wintergreen and Ensemble 9. Climb Up the Social Ladder - Mary Wintergreen, Wives and Ensemble Scene 5 10. Cloistered from the Noisy City (The Union League) - President of the Union League Club and Club Members 11. Comes the Revolution (Reprise) - Union League Club Scene 6 12. On and On and On - John P. Wintergreen, John P. Wintergreen, Mary Wintergreen, Mary Wintergreen, Company and Company Scene 7 - Finale Act 1 13. I’ve Brushed My Teeth - Gen. Adam Snookfield, U.S.A. and Dignitaries 14. On and On and On (Reprise) - Blue Shirts 15. The General’s Gone to a Party - John P. Tweedledee, John P. Wintergreen, Lieutenant and Men 16. All the Mothers of the Nation - Mary Wintergreen, Wives and Girls 17. Yes, He’s a Bachelor - John P. Wintergreen, Blue Shirts and Lieutenant 18. There’s Something We’re Worried About - Lieutenant, Army, Women, John P. Tweedledee and Kruger 19. What’s the Proletariat? - Mary Wintergreen, Wives, Committee, Army and All 20. Let ‘Em Eat Cake - John P. Wintergreen and Company