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Stephen faces his moral dilemma (O Tixo, Tixo, Help Me!); he goes to Jarvis to plead for intercession, but without success, and then to the devoted Irina (Stay Well), who agrees to Absalom's wish that they be married in prison. At the trial, Absalom's two accomplices lie, but he admits his guilt and repentance, and is sentenced to death. The chorus laments Cry, the Beloved Country before the moving marriage ceremony, conducted by Stephen, and after Absalom's outcry of fear and desolation. Back in Ndotsheni, Alex makes friends with Edward Jarvis, whose grandfather forbids him to play with the black boy. In his own small church, Stephen tells the congregation he is leaving, because his son's crime against the village's only white friend has caused him to question his faith. They beg him not to go, but his agony is only solved in the touching final scene, at the moment at which Absalom's execution takes place far away, when James Jarvis comes to seek reconciliation. CHARACTERS • Rev. Stephen Kumalo - A deeply devout black country priest, convinced of the equality of all men, but seemingly acquiescent in the social order of his country. Tolerance and forbearance only desert him at the very end. (Baritone) • Grace Kumalo - His wife. (Speaking role) • Absalom Kumalo - Their son; led astray in the big city and guilty of murder, he shows repentance, and love for his unborn child by insisting on marrying his girl although in prison. (Speaking role) • John Kumalo - Stephen's worldly and self-centred brother; political activist. (Speaking role) • James Jarvis - A typical White-supremacy Englishman of about 55, whose feelings are part habit and part deep conviction. (Speaking role) • Arthur Jarvis - His son, who lives in Johannesburg and has very liberal views, which are a constant source of friction with his father. (Speaking role) • Edward Jarvis - Arthur's young son, to whom friendship with a black of his own age appears quite natural. (Speaking role) • Paulus and William - Political associates of John Kumalo. (Speaking roles) • Mark Eland - A young white parole officer. Also of liberal views, he does what he can under unpromising political conditions. (Speaking role) • Matthew Kumalo and Johannes Pafuri - Absalom's associates in the robbery, who lie to save themselves. Matthew is John's son. (Speaking roles) • Rose - Matthew's girl-friend. (Speaking role) • Linda - Johannes' girl-friend. (Singer/dancer) • Irina - Absalom's girl, mother-to-be of his child; she is completely devoted to him and though there have been men in her life previously, her loyalty to Absalom does not waver. (Mezzo-soprano) • Alex - Small son of Stephen's 'fallen' sister Gertrude. (Treble) Small parts (all singing roles): Nita, Stationmaster, Jared, Foreman, Mrs. Mkize, Hlabeni, Servant, Policeman, The Guard, Burton, Judge, Macrae, Villager, Young Man & Woman, White Man & Woman; Parishioners, Chorus (with Leader and Answerer). CAST: - 9 men, 2 women, 1 boy, chorus INSTRUMENTATION: Reed I (flute, clarinet, alto sax), Reed II (oboe, cor anglais, clarinet, tenor sax), Reed III (clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax), trumpet, 2 percussion, harp, piano db. accordion, strings Discography: Original Broadway Cast Recording - MCA - MCAD-10302