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King Triton The strict but caring father of Ariel, and ruler over Atlantica. He originally hates humans, due to the loss of his wife, causing him to commonly reprimand Ariel for her constant human explorations, but eventually realizes it is best to let her follow her dreams. He is the apparent brother of Ursula. Flounder Ariel’s loyal companion. He often accompanies Ariel on her excursions in search of human artifacts. Scuttle He believes he is an expert on human artifacts, although he is mainly incorrect, and is often consulted by Ariel for information on her discovered “treasures”. He also serves as a comic relief, alongside Sebastian. Flotsam One of Ursula’s sly and slippery henchmen. Jetsam Another one of Ursula’s cunning henchmen. Grimsby Prince Eric’s faithful servant and friend. Seemingly a close friend of Eric’s late father, Grimsby’s main initiative is to ensure that Eric marries a princess to maintain his promise to the deceased king. He realizes Ariel is a princess, and is more than happy to let them wed. Chef Louis The castle chef, who tries to capture Sebastian and cook him for dinner. Carlotta Carlotta is seemingly the castle’s primary maid and housekeeper. Despite the remarks of her fellow maids and servants, she is exceptionally kind to Ariel and does her best to make her feel comfortable. DISCOGRAPHY Disney’s The Little Mermaid (Original Broadway Cast Recording)