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KITTY'S KISSES A Musical Comedy in 2 Acts, 7 Scenes. Book by Philip Bartholomae and Otto Harbach. Music by Con Conrad. Lyrics by Gus Kahn. Book staged by John Cromwell. Playhouse Theatre, Broadway. Opened 6 May 1926 : closed 2 October 1926 (170 performances). SYNOPSIS Kitty Brown loses her handbag which had all her money in it. As a result she is refused a room at the Hotel Wendel, only to be rushed upstairs moments later when she is mistaken for a woman who has booked the bridal suite. The next morning she learns she has shared the suite with a man, Mr. Dennison, whose wife is looking for an excuse to divorce him. The wife's lawyer appears. He turns out to be the young man that Kitty had met on the train the previous morning. His name is Robert Mason; he has found Kitty's handbag and has fallen in love with her. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Walkin' the Track - Lulu, Boys 2. Choo Choo Love - Train Crew 3. Kitty's Kisses - Kitty, Robert 4. I Love to Dance - Miss Wendel, Philip 5. Thinking of You - Telephone Girl, Day Clerk 6. Two Fellows and a Girl - Kitty, Boys 7. I'm in Love (Lyrics by Gus Kahn and Otto Harbach.) - Robert, Boys 8. Mr. and Mrs. - Miss Wendel, Philip, Girls 9. Promise Your Kisses - Kitty, Miss Wendel, Girls 10. Early in the Morning - Richard, Kitty 11. I Don't Want Him - Kitty, Richard, Mrs Dennison 12. Needles - Telephone Girl, Girls, Boys 13. Whenever I Dream - Kitty, Robert 14. Bounce Me - Miss Wendel, Philip, Girls, Boys 15. Steppin; on the Blues (Music by Con Conrad and Will Donaldson.) - Day Clerk, Philip, Ensemble 16. Finale - Entire Company CAST • On a Train We Meet: • Mrs. Burke • Mr. Burke: • A Country Girl • Lulu • Kitty Brown • Robert Mason • A Track Walker • Brakeman • Conductor • Pullman Conductor • Dining Car Steward • The Hotel Wendel Is Run By: • The Day Clerk • The Telephone Girl • The Bell Boy • The Maid • The Night Clerk • Stopping There We Find: • Richard Dennison • Mrs. Dennison • Philip Dennison • Miss Wendel, whose father owns the hotel • Rosemary Hall Girls • Boys