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Hate Men). Petruchio attempts to woo her (Were Thine That Special Face). Offstage, Lilli has an opportunity to read the card. She walks on stage off-cue and begins hitting Fred, who, along with the other actors, tries to remain in character as Baptista gives Petruchio permission to marry Kate. Lilli continues to strike Fred, and he ends up spanking her. Offstage, Lilli furiously declares she is leaving the show. However, the gangsters have reappeared, and Fred tells them that if Lilli quits, he’ll have to close the show and won’t be able to pay them the $10,000. The gangsters force her to stay at gunpoint. Back onstage, Bianca and Lucentio dance while the chorus performs We Sing of Love, covering a scene change. The curtain opens, revealing the exterior of a church; Petruchio and Kate have just been married, and they exit the church; the gangsters, dressed in Shakespearean costume, are onstage to make sure that Lilli stays. Petruchio implores for Kate to kiss him, and she refuses. He lifts her over his shoulder and carries her offstage while she pummels his shoulder with her fists (Kiss Me Kate). Act II During the show’s intermission, the cast and crew relax in the alley behind the theater. Paul (Fred’s assistant), along with a couple other crew members, lament that it’s Too Darn Hot to meet their lovers that night. The play continues, and Petruchio tries to ‘tame’ Katherine and mourns for his now-lost bachelor life (Where Is the Life That Late I Led?). Off-stage, Lilli’s fiancé Harrison Howell is looking for Lilli. He runs into Lois, and she recognizes him as a former lover but promises not to tell Lilli. Bill is shocked to overhear this, but Lois tells him that even if she is involved with other men, she is faithful to him in her own way (Always True to You in My Fashion).[4] Lilli tries to explain to Howell that she is being forced to stay at the theatre by the gangsters, but Howell doesn’t believe her and wants to discuss wedding plans. Fred insidiously points out how boring Lilli’s life with Howell will be compared with the theatre. Bill sings a love song he has written for Lois (Bianca). The gangsters discover that their boss has been killed, so the IOU is no longer valid. Lilli leaves—without Howell—as Fred unsuccessfully tries to persuade her to stay (So in Love (Reprise)). The gangsters get caught on stage and improvise a tribute to Shakespeare in which they explain that knowing Shakespeare is the key to romance (Brush Up Your Shakespeare). The company prepares for the conclusion of the play, the wedding of Bianca and Lucentio, even though they are now missing one of the main characters. However, just in time for Katherine’s final speech, Lilli arrives onstage (I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple). Fred and Lilli wordlessly reconcile on stage, and the play ends (Kiss Me Kate (Finale)) with them, as well as Bill and Lois, kissing passionately. CAST: - Male - 11 Female - 4 (Taming of the Shrew players in parenthesis) • Fred Graham (Petruchio) • Harry Trevor (Baptista) • Lois Lane (Bianca) • Ralph • Lilli Vanessi (Katharine) • Hattie • Paul • Bill Calhoun (Lucentio) • First Man • Second Man • Stage Doorman • Harrison Howell Taming of the Shrew Players • Bianca • Baptista • Gremio • Hortensio • Lucentio • Katharine • Petruchio • Haberdasher • Specialty dancers, singing ensemble, dancing ensemble