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JULIUS CAESAR JONES Children's opera in two acts by Malcolm Williamson, libretto by Geoffrey Dunn Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, London, 4th January, 1966 Synopsis The characters of the opera are an ordinary family who live in a suburban home. The adults, in a vain attempt to understand and communicate with their children, intrude into the children's fantasy world of Julius Caesar Jones and the Fortunate Isle. The game takes a sinister turn which forces the parents to remember their own childhood and shocks the children into adolescence. Thus, new problems arise and the generation gap remains unbridged. Suitable for secondary schools with one talented junior. Duration 60 minutes CAST: 3 adults, 13 children, chorus • Aloma • Ambrose • Ann • Babs • Bimbo • Elizabeth • Harvey Tooley Savidge • Jess • Jimmie • John • Julius Caesar Jones • Leopard • Nora • Silas Gapteeth • Susan • Toomie INSTRUMENTATION: flute db. piccolo, oboe db cor anglais, clarinet db bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, harp, piano, percussion, string quintet Printed editions: Vocal score, Chorus parts. julius Caesar jones LP