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JOHNNY JOHNSON A Legend (Play) with Music in 3 Acts, 13 Scenes. Play (book, lyrics) by Paul Green. Music by Kurt Weill. Staged by Lee Strasberg. Musical director, Lehman Engel. Orchestrations by Kurt Weill. 44th Street Theatre, New York - Opened 19th November, 1936; closed 16th January, 1937 (68 perfs) SYNOPSIS Based on Jaroslav Hasek's satiric novel The Good Soldier Švejk, it focusses on a naïve and idealistic young man who, despite his pacifist views, leaves his sweetheart Minny Belle Tompkins, to fight in Europe in World War I. He manages to bring the skirmish to a temporary halt by incapacitating a meeting of the generals with laughing gas, but once they recover he finds himself committed to an asylum for ten years. He returns home to discover Minny Belle has married a capitalist. He settles down as a toymaker who will create anything except tin soldiers, his personal gesture of peace in an increasingly warlike society. CAST (in order of speaking): • The Mayor • The Editor • 'Whiny' BelleTompkins • Grandpa Joe • A Photographer • A Boy • Johnny Johnson • Anguish Newington • Aggie Tompkins • Captain Valentine • Dr. McBray • Private Patrick O'Day • Sergeant Jackson • A Camp Doll • Corporal George • Private Fairfax • Private Goldberger • Private Harwood • Private Kearns • Private Svenson • A West Point Lieutenant • An English Sergeant • Johann Lang • A French Nurse • An Orderly • A Doctor • A Sister from the O.D.S.D.L.D • Chief of the Allied High Command • His Majesty, a King • Belgian Major-General • British Connnander-in-Chief • A French Major-General • French Premier • American Commander-inChief • Scottish Colonel • A Liaison Office • American Priest • German Priest • Military Policeman • Dr. Mahodan • His Secretary • Dr. Frewd • Brother Thomas • Brother Claude • Brother George • Brother William • Brother Hiram • Brother Jim • Brother Theodore • Brother Henry • A Doctor • An Attendant • Anguish Newington, Jr. • Soldiers SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 • Scene 1: A Hilltop in a small town. April, 1917. • Scene 2: The Tompkins Home. Several nights later. • Scene 3: Recruiting Office No. 596,673. The next day. • Scene 4: A Camp Drill-ground. A week later. Act 2 • Scene 1: A Front-line Trench. Several weeks later. • Scene 2: A Churchyard. An hour later. • Scene 3: The Hospital. A week later. • Scene 4: The Chateau do Cent Fontaines, somewhere behind enemy lines. The same night. • Scene 5: The edge of a great battlefield. The same night, just before dawn. • Scene 6: No Man's Land.