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JIMMIE A Musical Comedy. Book by Otto Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein II, and Frank Mandel. Music by Herbert Stothart. Lyrics by Harbach and Hammerstein. Tryout at the Playhouse, Wilmington, 8 to 9 October 1920; Park Square Theatre, Boston, 11 October to 13 November 1920. Apollo Theatre,New York 17 November 1920 to 15 Janunary 1921.( 71 perfs). SYNOPSIS Jimmie, the long-lost daughter of wealthy Jacob Blum, grows up under the oppression of her guardian, restauranteur Vincenzo Carlotti, who keeps her identity a secret and tries to pass his own daughter off as the missing heiress. But Jimmie works away, dreams, and on her own becomes a successful cabaret star. Eventually Carlotti’s deception is revealed, and Jimmie is reunited with her father. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Baby Dreams 2. Below the Macy-Gimbel Line 3. Cute Little Two by Four 4. All That I Want 5. Carlotti’s 6. Jimmie 7. She Alone Could Understand 8. Don’ Yo’ Want to See de Moon? 9. It Isn’t Hard to Do 10. Just a Smile 11. Do, Re, Mi 12. Some People Make Me Sick 13. I Wish I was a Queen 14. Toodle Oodle Um 15. A Little Plate of Soup 16. Try Me * 17. That’s As Far As I Can Go * 18. Cabaret Girl * 19. Tum-Tiddly-Tum-Tum * 20. Tu Carrisimo * 21. Ming Poo * 22. Up Is a Long, Long Climb * 23. Dig, Sister, Dig * 24. Clothes * 25. Rickety Crickety * cut CAST Vincent Carlotti Madame Gambetti Beatrice Jimmie Tom O’Brien Milton Blum Jerry O’Brien Jacob Blum Watkins A Dancer A Violinist Peters Henri Giuseppi Antonio Wanda Holmes Rose Henrietta Blanche Girls of the Ensemble. SCENES AND SETTINGS • Private Dining Room above Carlotti’s Restaurant; • Jacob Blum’s Home; • Apartment of “The Little Gray Kitten.”