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DER JASAGER (He Who Says Yes) Opera for schoolchildren. Libretto by Bertolt Brecht; Music by Kurt Weill. Based on the Japanese No play Teniko. First broadcast 23rd June, 1930. Premiered 24th June, 1930 - Zentralinstitut für Erziehung und Unterricht, Berlin American Premiere - The Music School of Henry Street Settlement, New York at the Playhouse, Grand Street - 25th April, 1933 STORY A teacher leads an expedition to the mountains to get medicine for the victims of a village epidemic. With him is a boy whose mother is ill. On the way the boy himself falls ill and is asked whether he will agree to be left behind as custom dictates, He answers yes and, in accordance with his own wish, is hurled into the valley by the other members of the party. CAST: • The boy - treble • The mother - mezzo-soprano • The teacher - baritone • First student - treble or tenor • Second student - treble or tenor • Third student - treble or baritone DISCOGRAPHY Der Jasager coupled with Down in the Valley (Gundlach, Campus Cantat)