Shows "I"

brought to a power station where they set up a trap for Superman. Is it the end of the strongest man in the world? Lois gamely accepts her fate, knowing that her knight in a scarlet cape will soon come to save her. As if on cue, Superman arrives, fighting like the devil in a mad ballet that sends his opponents flying in all directions. Sedgwick inadvertently electrocutes himself, simultaneously discovering electricity and what not to do with it. Lois is safe, but before she has a chance to tell Superman how much she appreciates what he's done for her, off he hurries, "up, up and away!" allegedly to stop a dangerous missile heading for Metropolis. CAST (in order of appearance): Superman/Clark Kent Max Mencken Lois Lane Perry White Sydney Dr. Abner Sedgewick Jim Morgan Father Ling Dong Ling Tai Ling Fan Po Ling Ming Foo Ling Joe Ling Suspects (5) Citizens of Metropolis: Byron, the Bank Guard: Harvey, the Tour Guide Bonnie, the Moll Sue-Ellen, the Teenager Mamie, the Model Gordon, the Student Annette, the Secretary Wanda, the Waitress Rosalie, the High School Girl Leslie. the Shopper Cathy, the Child Barbie, the Receptioinst AI, the Bank Robber Milton, the Hood Kevin, the College Boy William, the Exchange Student MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Doing Good - Superman/Clark Kent 2. We Need Him - Max, Lois Lane, Superman/Clark Kent, Company 3. It's Superman - Lois Lane 4. We Don't Matter At All - Jim, Lois Lane 5. Revenge - Abner 6. The Woman For the Man - Max 7. You've Got Possibilities - Sydney 8. What I've Always Wanted - Lois Lane 9. Revenge (reprise) - Abner 10. Everything's Easy When You Know How - The Flying Lings 11. It's Super Nice - The Company 12. So Long, Big Guy - Max 13. The Strongest Man in the World - Superman/Clark Kent 14. Ooh, Do You Love You! - Sydney 15. You've Got What I Need - Max, Abner 16. It's Superman (reprise) - The Company 17. I'm Not Finished Yet - Lois Lane 18. Powl Bam! Zonk! - Superman/Clark Kent, the Flying Lings