Shows "I"

SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in and around the city of Metropolis, U.S.A. at the present time. Act I Scene 1: Outside the Chase-Metropolis Bank. Scene 2: The Office of The Daily Planet. Scene 3: A Telephone Booth. Scene 4: The Nuclear Ractor at M.I.T. Scene S: The Offices of The Daily Planet. Scene 6: Dr. Sedgewick's Study. Scene 7: The Screening Room. Scene 8: Dr. Sedgewick's Home. Scene 9: The Offices of The Daily Planet. Scene 10: Atop City Hall Tower. Scene 11: The M.I.T. Dedication Grounds. Act 2 Scene 1: The Front Page, one week later. Scene 2: Clark Kent's Apartment. Scene 3: A Street in Metropolis. Scene 4: Dr. Sedgewick's Laboratory. Scene 5: Meanwhile. Scene 6: An Abandoned Power Station outside Metropolis. Scene 7: The Power Station, next morning. DISCOGRAPHY Original Broadway Cast of It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman