Shows "I"

The group breaks up to prepare for the journey. Romer, alone with Arielle, offers her a gift before mating. She shrugs him off and exits. Lydia then enters, trying to catch Romer’s eye. He catches on and offers her the same gift. Just then a scream is heard off stage and Avi enters carrying an unconscious Zeke. After some questioning and debate, the tribe decides that Avi is good and should join them on their journey. A jealous Romer warns that they will regret the decision. Scene 6 takes place in town, some time later. The town looks like a biblical Rodeo Drive where all of the shop signs feature the name “Romer” or “Lydia.” Several things happen in this scene. Through the conversations and transactions of the people and the shop owners, it is clear that money is already beginning to corrupt the town. Mrs. Noah makes an appearance and warns everyone that they are investing too much time and energy in man-made things. They gossip about the boat her husband is building and dismiss her. It is also disclosed in this scene that Avis and Arielle are smitten with each other, but that things are moving very slowly. Mavis tries to butt in and speed things up, but fails. Romer tries to persuade Arielle to be his other wife, but as always, she is uninterested. Mrs. Noah and her daughters-in-law observe the very materialistic and self-absorbed Lydia in the centre of town. Mrs. Noah warns her girls about the dangers of vanity. One of the girls asks if that is why they are not going on the cruise. Shortly thereafter, it begins to rain. Ben and Mavis are in the middle of an argument about a clay pot that Ben broke. Mavis is obsessed with her possessions and just can’t buy enough. She describes her need to have more of everything. The rains fall harder. They soon realise that the barrels float and try to seek shelter in them. Romer shouts for help and Avi jumps in to save him. Zymah appears to one side holding a large clear glass globe of the world, which he fills with water until it overflows. Meanwhile, out on the sea, Ben and Mavis are still arguing about a time when Ben was rude to Mavis in town. Ben carefully points out that a lot has happened since then (i.e. the destruction of the world) and that maybe they should just make up. Scene 8: Slowly, all of the characters meet up with one another and realise that they are not alone. Romer is devastated that everything he built is destroyed and everyone else seems relieved. Someone spots a flower, and they all stand around it, hoping that it will turn into a garden. Zymah then enters carrying a seed bag. He offers some seeds to them, but they claim that they don’t need them. The flower dies and they all run off after Zymah. Avi and Arielle stay behind. Arielle tells Avi, who is her husband now, that she is going to have a baby. He mumbles that he “never should have allowed himself…” and exits. Scene 9: It is some time later, and Mavis, Dottie and Lydia are working on a farm. Mavis says that she thinks Arielle has gone into labour. Dottie responds that a baby is always a good sign and reminds them that Abraham’s Sarah is also pregnant. Mavis shouts that Arielle’s had a baby boy. When they run to Avi to tell him the news, he continues his work and ignores them. Mavis tells him that his baby was born out of love and that he had better start cherishing and teaching him. Avi wonders what he should teach him. Avi teaches his son the words moon and stars, and when Arielle comes out to join him, he adds the word love. Scene 10: It is seven years later, and since the birth of Arielle and Avi’s son, there hasn’t been a drop of rain. They all agree that they must leave their camp, once again, and join the people of Abraham. Avi is against this at first, but agrees for the sake of his son. They tell of their plans to live in Egypt. Others join them as they begin their journey. Segue into Scene 11: We are now in Egypt, in the presence of Pheti, the king. He is preparing to welcome the new “visitors” to Egypt. However, when they arrive, it is clear to them that they are going to be slaves to Pheti. End Act I