Shows "I"

• Rareback Pinkerton, Shy's personal friend and advisor • Cicero Lightfoot, president of a colonization society • Dr. Straight in name only, street fakir • Mose Lightfoot, brother of Cicero, thinks Dahomey a land of great promise • George Reeder, keeps an intelligence office • Henry Stampfield, letter carrier, with an argument against immigration • Me Sing, keeps a chop suey factory • Hustling Charley, proprietor of Got-the-Coin Syndicate • Leather, a bootblack • Officer Still • Messenger Rush, but not often • Bill Primrose • Cecilia Lightfoot, Cicero's wife • Mrs. Stringer, dealer in foresaken patterns, also editor of fashionnotes in Beanville Agitator:' • Rosetta Lightfoot, a troublesome young thing • Colonists, natives, etc.: SCENES AND SETTTINGS Act 1: Public Square, Boston Act 2: Scene 1: Exterior of Lightfoot's Home, Gatorville, Florida. Scene 2: Road, one and a half miles from Gatorville. Scene 3: Interior of the Lightfoot home. Act 3: Scene 1: Swamp in Dahomey. Scene 2: Garden of Caboceer, governor of a province. Execution tower in the distance. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Dat Gal of Mine (Medicine Fakir Quartette) (Music and Lyrics by Benjamin L. Shook.) Male Quartet 2. Organ Quartette - Colonists 3. Molly Green (Mollie Green) (Song) (Lyrics by Will Marion Cook and Cecil Mack.) - Company 4. When Sousa Comes to Coontown (Music by James Vaughn and Tom Lemonier. Lyrics by Alex Rogers.) - Rareback Pinkerton, Company 5. (On) Broadway in Dahomey (Bye and Bye) (Music by Al Johns. Lyrics by Alex Rogers.) - Shylock, Rareback Pinkerton, Chorus 6. Leader of (the) Colored Aristocracy (Lyrics by James Weldon Johnson.) - Cecilia, Company 7. Society (Music by Will Marion Cook and Will Accooe.) - Chorus 8. The Jonah Man (I'm a Jonah Man)(Song) (Music and Lyrics by Alex Rogers.) - Shylock 9. I Want to Be a Real Lady (Music by Tom Lemonier. Lyrics by Alex Rogers.) - Rosetta 10. The Czar (Chorus and Solo) (Music by John H. Cook and Will Marion Cook. Lyrics by Alex Rogers.) - Rareback Pinkerton, girls, Company 11. (On) Emancipation Day - Shylock, Rareback Pinkerton, Company 12. Caboceers',Choral - Company 13. Finale - Company MUSICAL NUMBERS - First lines (from vocal score) 1. Overture 2. Prologue - Garden of the Caboceer (Governor of a Province). 3. Opening Song and Chorus - In Dahomey so grand, just alongside the strand, lives a Moorish maid so