Shows "I"

near and dear to me... (soloist unspecified) 4. Caboceers' Entrance - Hm...... We are the loyal subjects of King Eat-em-All, the ruler over all our states, both great and small... Act I - Public Square, Boston. Three months later. 5. Opening Chorus - Swing along, chillun, swing along de lane; lif ' yo' head and yo' heels mighty high. Swing along, chillun, 'taint a-goin' to rain... 6. Ensemble Song - There's a bright ray of sunshine, Molly Green; pure as the light of day time, she's a dream... 7. Song - Shylock, Pinkerton and Chorus - If we went to Dahomey, suppose the King would say, we want a Broadway built for us, we want it right away... Act II - (1) Exterior of Lightfoot's Home, Gatorville, Florida. (2) Road, one and a half miles from Gatorville. (3) Interior of Lightfoot's Home. 8. Song and Chorus - Crazy for the stage was Carrie Brown, she work'd in a dry goods store up town. Ev'ry time a play open'd on Broadway... 9. Song and Chorus - Dar's a charmin' dark eyed little lassie dat I know, who wid' tender teasin' glances sets my heart a glow... 10. Song - Cecilia and Chorus - To be the leader of the color'd aristocracy is my ambition ... I have a longing just the same as all the quality for recognition... 11. Ensemble - Hamilton, Pansy, Leather and Chorus - To get in high society you need a great reputation, don't cultivate sobriety but rather ostentation... 12. Song - Shylock - My hard luck started when I was born, leas' so the old folks say. Dat same hard luck been my bes' fren' up to dis very day... 13. Chorus and Solo - Pinkerton - He is the greatest thing, and known afar; the black folks always sing, he is the Czar... 14. Song and Chorus - Streets are gay, on dey way, all de alleys done turn'd out, Mistah Giles wid Miss Liles make a figure widout doubt... 15. March - On Emancipation Day 16. Cake Walk - Chocolate Drops 17. Cake Walk - Happy Jim CHARACTERS (vocal score) • Je-Je (a caboceer) • Menuki (Messenger of the King) • Shylock Homestead (called Shy by his friends) • Rareback Pinkerton (Shy's personal friend and adviser) • Hamilton Lightfoot (president of a colonization society) • Dr. Straight (in name only, a street fakir) • Moses Lightfoot (brother of Hamilton, thinks Dahomey a land of great promise) • George Reeder (proprietor of an intelligence office) • Henry Stampfield (letter carrier, with an argument against immigration) • Me Sing a Chinese cook) • Hustling Charley (promoter of Get-the-Coin Syndicate) • Leather (a bootblack) • Officer Still • White Wash Man • Messenger Rush (but not often) • Pansy (Daughter of Cecilia Lightfoot, in love with Leather) • Cecilia Lightfoot (Hamilton's wife)