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IDOL - THE MUSICAL Musical. Music and Lyrics by Jon Balcourt, book and lyrics by Bill Boland. Concept and additional book and lyrics by Todd Ellis 45th Street Theatre, Off-Broadway - Opened and closed 12 August, 2007 (47 previews, 1 perf) SYNOPSIS The lights fade up on a silhouetted statue. Robed members enter slowly, as if in a procession, and begin to circle the statue. When the cloth is stripped away the audience realizes this is a fan club for Clay Aiken! Emily, the leader of the group, takes the members through the meeting's traditional schedule and agenda. We are introduced slowly to the different members of the group: JD, who is a jock that wants to get out of the small town, Connor, a nerdy pianist who seems to have trouble fitting in, Cicada, the human dictionary who gets in everyone's way, Kodi, the theatrical ham who never ceases to make an entrance, Cass, the gothic masochist who spends more time poking pins into her doll than paying attention at the meeting, Alex, the tough tomboy who constantly tries to avoid Duncan, and Duncan, the goofy "cowboy" who is constantly after Alex's attention. As the meeting progresses the members share their discontent with living in a small town, and reflect on life outside. An unexpected guest appears as the meeting continues. Adrienne, Emily's sister, has returned from her audition for American Idol (though unsuccessful) and tries to play it off as if she is a big star-to-be that has the know-how to whip the hapless group into shape in time for a competition coming to town: to be the opening act for Clay Aiken's new tour! The group decides to create a song and dance number that will knock Clay's socks off, but it cannot be completed with the discipline and focused required in all rehearsals. JD is practicing basketball after the meeting, and happens upon a pole in the garage that the club uses to gather. Slowly he morphs from a basketball playing hip-hop dancer to a pole-dancing male stripper wannabe. Kodi, Cicada, and Emily enter and catch him in the act, almost speechless, but laughing it off, nonetheless. Shortly after, Alex and Duncan enter in a fight once again (as always), with Duncan pleading for Alex to give him a chance and let him take her out on a date. JD admits to the group that he didn't get the basketball scholarship he claimed he was rewarded, and instead has different plans for his future. Connor is home working on the music to the song he is writing for the group to perform. While at home, Cass enters behind him unannounced and catches him at the piano with his pants down (a way of relaxing while practicing, he claims). The tension between the two is evident, and it is clear that there are shared feelings from both sides, however neither is strong or brave enough to take a step towards admitting it. When the two are almost about to kiss, Adrienne interrupts the romance, and Cass leaves to go to rehearsal. Adrienne gives Connor some new music she says she wrote as a backup to the act they are already working on, and demands he play it for her to practice. Connor is stunned and has realized that Adrienne is planning the act to sabotage the group's chances of winning so that she can steal the spotlight. She laughs, and tells him it's too late and the others will think he was in on it with her. She leaves to go run rehearsal, and Connor is left wondering what to do. At rehearsal, the group practices the mundane, cheesy number for the last time. Adrienne and Connor enter during the rehearsal and the group soon realizes what has been going on, and blames Connor for doublecrossing them. They leave one by one, and it seems like the group of friends has fallen apart. Adrienne leaves Connor to himself, enjoying her success as she exits the garage. Emily is passing her time working on a clay bust of Clay's head, and begins to believe that it takes on all too