Shows "I"

real of a likeness to her idol. When Alex, JD, Kodi and Cicada return to the garage in hopes of remaining friends, they share their disbelief that Connor could do something like this to them. They all take turns bashing Idol's most popular judge, Simon Cowell, and ultimately tell him in their minds that he doesn't matter and neither do his harsh statements. Meanwhile, Cass (who took Connor's "betrayal" the hardest of all), is sitting alone with her doll, while Connor is at home drowning his sorrow and lamenting about the loss of the one girl he ever loved. Graduation day has arrived, and Emily throws away her clay bust, deciding she's better off without a crazy obsession. Kodi enters, with less than a flair, and Cicada enters with him, slightly softer in tone and appearance than usual. One by one the group is reforming, as Duncan and JD return as a jock and stripper, respectively. Included in this rebirth of the group is Alex, who has cleaned the grease off her clothes and cleaned up her hair. Cass enters and amazes all with her gentle girl-next-door appearance. She has removed the dark makeup and black clothes and returned to the way she was before she decided to be monochromatic. Last to return is Connor, who has become a suave, smooth talker in hopes of winning Cass and his friends back. The group has now made amends, but Adrienne returns having won the competition. She reveals the entire contest was a joke and that the prize was simply to sing in a commercial for Clay's new brand of chicken. Disappointed, Adrienne apologizes to her old friends, and the group gets ready to graduate. As they go off into the world they are now ready to face whatever life has in store for them, knowing they will always have each other, and that being who they really are is more important than putting up a facade. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Opening: Idolize - Company 2. The Meeting - Emily, Company 3. Small Town Blues - Company 4. 15 Minutes - Company 5. Discipline - Adrienne, Company 6. Chip'n'Dale Days - JD, Duncan 7. Prima Donna, Fabulous - Adrienne 8. Quakin' for Aiken - Emily, JD, Duncan, Cass, Alex, Cicada, Kodi 9. Prima Donna, Fabulous (reprise) - Adrienne 10. Burnin' Hunk of Clay - Emily 11. Simon Says - Alex, Cicada, Kodi 12. Distance - Cass, Connor 13. Burnin' Hunk of Clay (reprise) - Midge 14. Family of Misfits - Connor, Company 15. Finale: Realize - Company 16. 15 Minutes (reprise) - Company CAST Connor Duncan Alex Midge Cicada Adrienne Kodi Emily Cass JD