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HIGH FIDELITY Music by Tom Kitt; Lyrics by Amanda Green; Book by David LyndsayAbaire based on the best-selling novel by Nick Hornby. Imperial Theatre, Broadway. 7th December, 2006. Closed 17th December, 2006 (13 perfs) SYNOPSIS The story follows record-store owner Rob, who has lost his latest love, leading him to re-examine his past relationships to figure out what he’s done wrong and how he can win his girlfriend, Laura, back. STORY (based on the film version) The book and film have essentially similar plots, though the setting, originally London, is moved to Chicago in the film. Rob Gordon, a record store owner in his 30s, whose girlfriend Laura has just left him. This breakup leads Rob to recall his five most memorable breakups and to wonder what happened to them and why they left him. Eventually, Rob's re-examination of his failed relationships leads to his decision to seek them all out. Rob revisits all of his past girlfriends as a sort of closure to that part of his life. One by one, Rob discovers that his exes are not really how he imagined them, that he had built them up into more than they actually were. More often than not he is surprised he ever fell in love with them at all, and in no case is this more evident than when he meets Charlie again. While this search is happening, Rob is struggling to come to grips with Laura leaving him, and throughout we learn about their relationship through narrative flashbacks and monologues. It is during this time that Laura begins dating Ian, who was formerly a neighbour of Rob. This relationship causes Rob sleepless nights as he imagines Laura with another man and fears Laura will leave him for real. To make things worse, Ian is "horrible" according to Rob. He plays world music and "awful cooking smells" emanate from his apartment. Despite all of this, Rob is desperate to get Laura back and goes so far as to lurk outside Ian's apartment waiting for her to come out. The conflict invariably drives Laura farther away from Rob. The main turning point comes when Laura's father passes away and Laura invites Rob to the funeral. After the service, Rob and Laura have a talk and decide to try the relationship again. With Rob now comfortable with himself after talking to his old girlfriends, the relationship begins to take on a healthy form. Rob now understands that the good times are worth the bad and realises that Laura is everything that he wants. Rob owns Championship Vinyl which is located at Honore and Milwaukee Streets. Rob and his employees, Dick and Barry spend their free moments discussing mix-tape aesthetics and constructing "top-five" lists which demonstrate their knowledge of music. Barry is an overly obnoxious clerk who goes out of his way to make fun of those who he deems lower than him because of their lack of musical knowledge. Dick, on the other hand, is quieter and less forceful with his opinions. Rob decides to create a record label, Top 5 Records, through the record store. Laura takes this idea even further by setting up an event where Rob ends up DJing and Barry’s newfound band plays in order to promote the new label. The show is a hit and it seems Rob's life is taking a turn for the better. All ends with Rob saying that he finally knows what a relationship is all about as he begins to make a new mix-tape for Laura.