Shows H

MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. The Last Real Record Store – Rob, Pale Young Men, Dick, Barry 2. Desert Island Top 5 Break-Ups – Rob, Top 5 Girls 3. It’s No Problem – Dick 4. She Goes – Liz, Rob 5. Ian’s Here – Ian, Laura 6. Number Five with a Bullet – Laura, Top 5 Girls 7. Ready to Settle – Marie, Back-Up Singer 8. Terrible Things – Marie 9. The Last Real Record Store (Reprise) – Barry, Dick, Rob, Pale Young Men 10. Nine Percent Chance – Rob, Barry, Dick, Pale Young Men Act II 11. I Slept with Someone – Rob, Laura 12. Exit Sign – Neil 13. Cryin’ in the Rain – Rob, Top 5 Girls 14. Conflict Resolution – Rob, Dick, Barry, Pale Young Men, Company 15. Goodbye and Good Luck – Bruce, Rob 16. It’s No Problem (Reprise) – Dick Anna 17. Ian’s Prayer – Ian 18. Laura, Laura – Rob 19. Saturday Night Girl – The Skids 20. Turn the World Off (And Turn You On) – Barry, Tmpmitw, Klepto Boy, Rob, Laura, Liz, Company CAST Rob Laura Dick Barry Ian Middle-Aged Guy Liz Jackie Marie Charlie Bruce Anna Alison Futon Guy Hipster/Roadie T.M.P.M.I.T.W. Guy with Mohawk Sarah Penny Back-up Singer INSTRUMENTATION Piano; Harmonica; Organ/Keyboard; Guitars I, II, Sitar; Banjo; /Mandolin; Bass; Drums/Percussion; Reeds; Trumpet; Violin; Cello DISCOGRAPHY High Fidelity (Original Broadway Cast Recording)