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single member of the audience could comprehend. Hair is perhaps best described as a complete assault on the senses with high-decibel music, flashing lights, cast members throughout the audience, and other gimmicks to create excitement and stimulation. Several rewrites were required during the run of the show to keep it current. Although it could be justified in many ways, the show's much celebrated nude scene served no purpose other than to generate publicity. Through the various transitions the ending and the part of Sheila were drastically rewritten to strengthen the show's anti-war theme. As rewritten there is no mention of a deal between Berger and Sheila. Nor does Claude have to win her over. In the revised version he simply goes off to war and is killed. ORCHESTRATION Trumpet 1, 2 & 3: Trombone: Percussion: Drums: Bass (electric): Guitar 1 & 2: Electric Piano: Baritone Sax DISCOGRAPHY Hair: The Musical (50th Anniversary Cast Recording)