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along, but breaks down to confess Berger's deal. However, Claude takes the initiative and casts his own spell over her, converting her to his own way of thinking. At the railway station Claude has lost his long hair and appears neatly dressed in uniform. Sheila arrives just in time for the farewell. Ignoring Berger, she stands proudly as Claude is summoned to step forward and join in the ranks. CAST 25 parts, 10 principals, Male 11 Female 10 (Total cast, 25-35.) Tribe: Chorus and Dancers & a large group of named extras although nearly every cast member has at least one featured part. All cast members sing, dance, and take part in choreographed movement. Balanced cast of Negroes and whites essential to original concept of show. Major portions of dialogue are carried by Berger, Claude, Sheila, Woof, Hud, Jeanie, Crissy, Mom, and Dad. Mom and Dad are the only "over-30" cast members MUSICAL NUMBERS: Abie Baby Ain't Got No Air Aquarius Bed Coloured Spade Donna Easy to be Hard Electric Blues Let the Sun Shine In Frank Mills Going Down Good Morning Starshine Hair Hare Krishna Hashish I Got Life I'm Hung Initials My Conviction Three Five Zero Zero Sodomy Walking In Space What a Piece of Work Man Is Where Do I Go? SCENES AND SETTINGS Stripped stage. One raked playing area intimate to the audience; very easy access to audience and back. Totem poles (scaffolding decorated with the accoutrements of an affluent society), ramps and levels, tattered clothes, hangings, hippie decorations and posters. "Love" and other graffiti painted here and there. PERIOD AND COSTUMES The turned-on hippie generation: Indianlike buckskin jackets, loincloths, moccasins, pants, blankets, tribal masks possible, tee shirts, sweat shirts, old military uniforms, a single sequined gown in which three girls can fit, Afro fashions, wild flower-power shirts, pants and shifts, Indian bead headbands, Levis, bell bottoms, saris, and other Now fashions. Black leather outfits for band. White Indian linen, gold-embroidered gown. CHOREOGRAPHY Rock idiom; latest steps can be inserted to beat with no problem. The whole show is choreographed production; a three-ring circus with upstaging everywhere, including the audience. Each sequence overlaps the other to lead the viewer constantly about the production area, hardly ever allowing audience to catch up. LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS Strobe lights, psychedelic colored lighting aimed among the audience, fireworks, tightly controlled lighting that often changes rapidly, moving light projections, sound-mixing equipment required, hand mikes. Projection of dark mysterious men, FBI, and CIA agents. Police puppets. NOTE: Neither script nor score provides much in the way of production guidance in staging Hair. The shows major achievement was direction, a masterful circuslike presentation with more concurrent actions than any