Shows H

Scene 1: The Garden of Liz Livingstone's Estate, Near Philadelphia. Scene 2: The Stables, Liz's Estate. Scene 3: Summerhouse, Liz's Estate. Scene 4: The Hunt Club. Scene 5: Another Part of the Forest. Scene 6: Liz's Boudoir. Scene 7: A Corridor in the Hunt Club. Scene 8: The Hunt Ball. PERIOD AND COSTUMES Mid 1950s: high society dresses, suits. Everyday beat-up clothes for reporters, photographers, etc., uniforms for Monaco police sergeant, hotel staff, the Duke's servants and confidants, waiter, ship's officers and crew, bartender, stable groom. Duke's high style fashions. Casual deck clothes, negligees, robes and other casual clothes, evening clothes, boots, gaily colored hunt outfits, Goya period costumes for everyone attending Hunt Ball. CHOREOGRAPHY: Solo beach ball dance, tango, modern ballet, ballroom steps, soft shoe. LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS: Thunderstorm, rain, rear-projected shadows of the hunt figures on horseback. Recorded offstage playback. NOTE: This show is built around the marriage of Grace Kelly to the Prince of Monaco and is in that sense topical for the time of its first production. However, even if fictional names were used it would have little effect on today's production. It was an added point of interest then, but now of little value. The subject has always been Liz Livingstone. The show could be updated or done as a period piece. Beth's beach ball dance solo is extraneous. Original Cast Recording