Shows H

Bikini Dance It's Like a Beautiful Woman Wedding-of-the-Year Blues Mr. Livingstone If 'n This Is What I Call Love A New-Fangled Tango She's Just Another Girl The Game of Love Happy Hunting I'm a Funny Dame This Much I Know Just Another Guy Everyone Who's Who's Who INSTRUMENTATION: Violin A-C, B-D, viola, cello, bass, pic (flute, clar, alto sax), clar (alto sax, bass clar), tenor sax (flute, oboe, Eng. horn, clar), tenor sax (clar, flute), bari sax (bassoon, bass clar), trumpet I-II, 111, trombone 1, II, horn, percussion, guitar, piano-conductor. CAST: - 32 parts, 6 principals, 3 featured roles. Liz, powerful singer/actress who carries show Sandy and Beth, romantic leads who sing well and dance (Beth does dance solo). Duke of Granada, middle-aged, classy actor who sings. Arturo, character man. Maud, character woman. Mrs. Sanford Stewart, Sr., cold straight role. Featured reporters, sing 2 numbers. Separate singing and dancing choruses. Total cast, 40-60, plus 1 trained horse (equine or human). SCENES AND SETS: 2 acts, 17 scenes, 9 full stage sets (original production used turntable), 3 scenic drops (1 transparent), gangplank set piece. (Several sets could be converted to drops or partial sets.) ACT I Scene 1: Outside the Palace Gates, Monaco. Scene 2: Liz Livingstone's Suite, Hotel Riviera, Monaco. Scene 3: Terrace of the Hotel Riviera. Scene 4: Veranda of the Duke's Suite, Hotel Riviera. Scene 5: The Quay. Scene 6: The Ship's Bar. Scene 7: Afterdeck of the Ship. Scene 8: The Ship's Bar. Scene 9: Afterdeck of the Ship. ACT II