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CHARACTERS • Flora: dignified, Scottish scatterbrain; 50s. • Angela: attractive, resilient, talented soprano; 20s. • Ronnie: mousy, awkward, dull as ditchwater; 30s. • Mrs Reece: elegant, bossy, enterprising; 50s. • Thelma: quick-tempered prima donna; late 40s. • Rev. Bishop: plump, clumsy, jolly; 40s-50s. • Dawn: bespectacled femme fatale; 30s-40s. • Felicity: nervous, well-meaning but incompetent actress; late 20s. • The Producer: flustered, ineffectual; not young. • Pat: preoccupied stage manager doubling as solemn performer; 20s • Sheila: bright, keen, but all over the place; any age. • Ann: flu-ridden, but determined to go on; any age. • Beryl: anxious to impress, able to tap; not young. • Doreen and Janice: two friends who gossiped all the way through rehearsals and don't know where they're supposed to be; 30s-40s. • Kitty: somebody's daughter having a good time; 20s. • Marjorie: pregnant and delicate; 20s-30s. • Shirley: motherly ex-dancer who has put on weight; late 30s. • Hermione: mentally and physically infirm; extremely old. • Georgia: retired player of small parts whom stardom has passed by; 50s-60s. • Liz: ambitious new recruit with some ballet experience; early 20s. • Gwynneth: intense and fey, in a world of her own; any age. The Scenes Courtyard of Ko-Ko's official residence Ko-Ko's garden MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I Overture • If You Want to Know Who We Are - Chorus of Men • A Wand'ring Minstrel I - Nanki-Poo and Chorus of Men • And the Brass Will Crash - Pooh-Bah, Nanki-Poo • Behold the Lord High Executioner - Ko-Ko and Chorus of Men • I've Got a Little List - Ko-Ko and Chorus of Men • Comes a Train of Little Ladies - Chorus of Girls • Three Little Maids from School Are We - YumYum, Pitti- Sing, Peep-Bo and Chorus of Girls • So Please You, Sir, We Much Regret - Yum-Yum, Pitti- Sing, Peep-Bo and Chorus of Girls • Cheap and Chippy Chopper - Pooh-Bah and KoKo • The Threaten'd Cloud Has Pass'd Away - Finale Act I • For He's Going to Marry Yum-Yum Finale Act I ACT II • Braid the Raven Hair - Chorus of Girls • The Sun, Whose Rays Are All Ablaze - Yum-Yum • Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day - Yum-Yum, Pitti-Sing, Peep-Bo, Nanki-Poo • Here's a How-de-do! - Yum-Yum, Nanki-Poo and Ko-Ko • Miya Sama, Miya Sama - Chorus of Men and Girls • Let the Punishment Fit the Crime - Mikado and Chorus • The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring - NankiPoo and Chorus • Willow, Tit willow - Ko-Ko • Derry Down Derry - Katisha and Ko-Ko • For He's Gone and Married Yum-Yum (Reprise) • Finale Act II • The Threaten'd Cloud Has Pass'd Away (Reprise) Orchestration - Details on application