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FEAR OF FILING A Musical in 2 Acts 17 scenes. Book and lyrics by Jane Ellen Murray. Music by Roger Pauly and Vince Ippolito. Previewed at the Red Barn Theatre, Saugatuck, Michigan August 1984. Opened at the Ivanhoe Theatre, Chicago February 1987 SYNOPSIS A musical spoof that pokes fun at the Internal Revenue Service and that taxing business of Taxing. Fear of Filing is a love story between a wealthy, philanthropist playboy, John Livingston, and Doris Pennyworth, the IRS agent who is auditing his return. Doris' boss, the District Director, advises her to 'Throw the Book at Him." While John pleads for mercy as he and his curvy secretary sing and dance "Give Me a Shelter for a Rainy Day," his lawyers, do a Gilbert and Sullivan bit about "Loopholes." Love finally triumphs and the cast celebrates with a rousing finale, "Many Happy Returns." Sixteen show-stopping songs, including three love ballads and the toe-tapping "H&R Block Rock," will have your audiences cheering. CAST Randolph P. Higgins - district director Doris Pennyworth - Agent Greeley - Agent Groty - Agent Grundy - Agent John D. Livingston III D.D. - his Secretary Sister Frances Savior Smith - Lawyer White - Lawyer Badowsky - Lawyer Voice of Orbit - the I.R.S. Computer Note: The agents double for the lawyers, waitress, cook, waiter, cleaning ladies, nuns (other than Sister Frances) priest and rumba band. Some of the parts can be played by separate actors, but doubling of Agents and Lawyers seems to add to the fun. The Priest can be portrayed by a dummy. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1. Scene 1: Inside the IRS Computer Scene 2: The Offices of the IRS Scene 3: The Orphanage Scene 4: A Restaurant on Clark Street Scene 5: John's Study in his Luxurious Condo Scene 6: The Orphanage Scene 7: The Offices of the IRS Scene 8: The Orphanage Scene 9: A Street Near the Orphanage