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FUN AND THE FAIR A Revue. London Palladium, 7th October 1953 The CAST included: George Formby. Terry Thomas. Alan and Blanche Lund. Gillian Lynne. The Mathurins. Audrey Jeans. Doreen Stephens, Alan Breeze. Clem Benard. The Deep River Boys. The Carole Colores Strings, Ted and Flo Vallett. Billy Cotton and his Band. G. Farfel and Pat Dodd Direction by Charles Henry. Décor by Charles Reading. Choreography by Pauline Grant. Costumes by R. St. John Roper and Alec Shanks PROGRAMME SCENE 1 AUTUMN WINDS (to the Music of Leroy Anderson • A Tub Thumper – Nigel Burke • His Girl Friend – Brenda Averty • 2 Litter Men – William Barrett & Robert Harrold • A Student – Michael Bayston • Sweater Girl – Silvia Ashmole • A Madcap – Gillian Lynne SCENE 2 TERRY-THOMAS • How Do You Do? SCENE 3 – DEEP RIVER BOYS Coloured Harmonists SCENE 4 VIENNA The Hussars – Nigel Burke, William Barrett, Robert Harrold, Michael Bayston Their Partners – Silvia Ashmole, Anne Fairston., Mary Preston, Margaret Kovac The Carole Colores Strings The Dancers – Alan and Blanche Lund SCENE 5 – THE NEW ARMY The Sergeant Major – Terry-Thomas The Second Lieutenant – John Mauxvell SCENE 6 – GEORGE FORMBY SCENE 7 CARNIVAL • A Troubadour – John Hauxvell • A Zani – Gillian Lynne • Colombine – Blanche Lund • Scapino – Alan Lund • The Carnival Girl – Audrey Jeans • The Baloneers – Ted & Flo Vallett (Serenade to Starlight & The Fun of the Fair by Johnnie Johnson & Bunny Lewis)