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guys), "We're different - we go all the way! You heard me. What do they call it? The Full Monty." Ticket sales start to take off. Jerry considers Dave a traitor for having taken a job at Wal-Mart, and their friendship is dissolved. When Dave returns home from his first day at work, Georgie, upon discovering part of his stripping costume, confronts him about it. When, embarrassed, he confesses what he had been up to with the guys, she is relieved and supports him. She reaffirms her love for him, and he for her. At the same time, when Vicki finds out that Harold has been out of work, she reminds him that she loves him for himself, and not for what he can buy her. Both couples find their marriages and their love on stronger ground than ever. It's the night of the show, and backstage at Tony Giordano's club nervousness runs high. A beautifully coifed Jeanette wishes all the guys good luck. Vicki tells them that Harold has got a job so he doesn't need to do this for the money, but she reminded him, "Harold, you have the rest of your life to wear a suit and tie - but only one night to be a member of Hot Metal!" Even Keno, just passing through town, shows up to see if the guys will really go all the way. Before they take their places Jerry decides that, since Dave chickened out, he also isn't going to do the show. But then Dave shows up and Jerry no longer has an excuse not to go through with it, except his old refrain - he's a failure. Nevertheless, the rest of the guys decide to give a good show, but not to do The Full Monty. They take their places on-stage and the number begins. While they're performing, Nathan confronts Jerry about why he isn't out there with the rest of the guys, and through a mixture of wisdom, passion and frank common sense, he tells his father, "This time don't be what everyone thinks you are - a loser." Jerry realises not only how much his son loves him, but that he can't think of himself in the same way ever again. He joins his friends on stage midway through the number and by the end of the show, we know that The Full Monty isn't just about showing off the outside, it's about what all of us have on the inside. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. Scrap – Jerry, Dave, Malcolm, Ethan, Men 2. It’s a Woman’s World – Georgie, Susan, Joanie and Estelle 3. Man – Jerry and Dave 4. Big-Ass Rock – Jerry, Dave and Malcolm 5. Life With Harold – Vicki 6. Big Black Man – Horse, Jerry, Dave, Harold, Malcolm, Nathan 7. You Rule My World – Dave, Harold 8. Michael Jordan’s Ball – Jerry, Dave, Harold, Horse, Malcolm, Ethan Act II 9. Jeanette’s Showbiz Number – Jeanette, Dave, Horse, Harold, Malcolm, Ethan, Jerry 10. Breeze Off the River – Jerry 11. The Goods – Jerry, Horse, Dave, Harold, Malcolm, Ethan, Women 12. You Walk with Me – Malcolm and Ethan 13. You Rule My World (Reprise) – Georgie and Vicki 14. Let It Go – Ethan, Dave, Harold, Malcolm, Horse, Jerry, Company CHARACTERS: George Bukatinsky Buddy "Keno" Walsh Reg Willoughby Jerry Lukowski Dave Bukatinsky Malcolm MacGregor Ethan Girard Nathan Lukowski Susan Hershey Joanie Lish Estelle Genovese Pam Lukowski Teddy Slaughter Molly MacGrego Harold Nichols Vicki Nichols Jeanette Burmeister Noah "Horse" T. Simmons Police Sergeant Minister Tony Giordano DISCOGRAPHY: Original Broadway Cast - RCA Victor 09026-63739-2