Shows F

• SENSATIONS - The Band Leader: Barry Took. The Dancers - Michael Charnley and Katy Feather; The Two Girls - Thelma Ruby and Dilys Laye. The Company • NO MORPHEUS IN THE UNDERGROUND - Ronnie Stevens (Peter and Stanley Myers and Offenbach) • WHEREFORE ART THOU JULIET? - Hugh Paddick and Thelma Ruby • DILY AND JIMMY - Dilys Laye and Jimmy Thompson • (Music by Ronald Cass) • SOME DAY YOU’LL FIND ME - Hugh Paddick (Music by Ronald Cass) • WINTER SONG (Music by Ronald Cass) Danced by: Michael Charnley and Katy Feather Sung by: Barbara Young • SUCCESS OR BUST - Ronnie Stevens, Dilys Laye and Vivienne Martin (Music by Ronald Cass) • A SPOT OF PARTICIPATION - Jimmy Thompson introduces Hugh Paddick, Thelma Ruby, Ron Moody, Dilys Laye and Barry Took. • THE VAGABOND STUDENT - (Music by John Pritchett) Carena (a Princess in disguise) - Thelma Ruby Sophia (Grand Duchess of Rittenburg) - Judy Carne Franz) (a Penniless Student) - Ron Moody Gypsy Moritza (a Romany) - Ronnie Stevens Miss Grimsdyke’s Students - Dilys Laye, Vivienne Martin, Barbara Young, Michael Charnley, Katy Feather, Jimmy Thompson and Barry Took Baron Von Klott (a Traitor) - Hugh Paddick • TIME TO SAY GOODNIGHT - The Company (Richard Waring and Francis Essex)