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FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY Revue devised by Peter Myers. Music and Lyrics: Ronald Cass and John Pritchett. Streatham Hill Theatre, 7 May 1956. Transferred to Apollo Theatre, London - 5 June, 1956 The CAST included ; Judy Carne, Michael Charnley, Dilys Laye, Vivienne Martin, Ron Moody, Hugh Paddick, Thelma Ruby, Ronnie Stevens, Jimmy Thompson, Barry Took, Barbara Young PROGRAMME • THE GIRL IN THE TREE - Audrey Nicholson • THE SPRING OF THE YEAR - The Company (Music by Ronald Cass) • ICI ON PARLE - Thelma Ruby, Jimmy Thompson, Hugh Paddick and Dilys Laye • WE’VE GOT STEAM HEAT BUT . . . - Ronnie Stevens, Vivienne Martin and Barry Took (Peter Myers and Duggie Lees. Music by John Pritchett) • BALLAD OF WALT DISNEY ENTERPRISES INC. - Ron Moody (Music by Ronald Cass) • THE 3 A.M. FEELING - Dilys Laye, Michael Charnley and the Company (Peter and Stanley Myers. Music by Ronald Cass) • DO IT YOURSELF - Hugh Paddick, Vivienne Martin and Barry Took (Peter Myers with Frank Muir, Denis Norden, Sid Colin, Richard Vosburgh, Bill Kellie and Jack Bentley) • LADY IN DISTRESS - Thelma Ruby (Peter Myers. Music by John Pritchett) • LANDED GENTRY - Barry Took and the Company (Michael Flanders and Donald Swann) • TAKEN AT HER WORD - Dilys Laye • BETSY AND IKE - Michael Charnley, Barbara Young, Katy Feather, Ron Moody • VESPERS - Hugh Paddick (Music by Stanley Myers) • PIPE DREAMS - Ronnie Stevens, Hugh Paddick, Vivienne Martin, Ron Moody and Barry Took (Richard Waring) • LITTLE MOTHER OF ALL THE RUSSIANS - Dilys Laye (Peter and Stanley Myers. Music by Ronald Cass) • HOW SQUARE WAS MY VALLEY - The Company (Peter and Stanley Myers) • ICH LIBERACE DICH - Jimmy Thompson (Music by Ronald Cass) • ETON IS THE CAMPUS OF THEM ALL - The Company Peter and Stanley Myers. Music by Ronald Cass) INTERVAL