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SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1: • Throne Chamber in the King's Palace. Act Drop: Exterior of the World's Fair. Act 2 Scene 1: On the Ocean. Scene 2: Vision. The Discovery of America, 1492. Scene 3: The Progress of Enlightenment. Scene 4: The Real Discovery of Columbus. Scene 5: The Statue of Liberty, New York Harbour. ( Scene 6: Columbus returns to Earth. Discovery of Madison Square, 1892. Act Drop: Entrance to the World's Fair. Act 3 Scene 1: Royal Kitchen in the Palace. Scene 2: Spanish Palace up to date. Changing to the new electrical scene, The Ideal Home of Columbus. Musical Numbers 1. Opening Chorus - "Give us cash, give us cash" 2. The Treasurer's Song (arranged from Genée) (Quintanilla with Chorus) - "What provokes a gladsome smile" 3. DUET - (Joanna and Columbus) - "I've dared to whisper that I love thee" 4. The King's Song - (King with Chorus) - "You all think dignity does pervade royalty" 5. a) GRAND PROCESSIONAL & BALLET (Chorus) - "Ferdinand of Aragon" 6. b) Queen's Song - (Queen & Chorus) "Isabella is a sov'reign of notoriety" 7. SPANISH DANCE (wr. by Aberano Colon) 8. FINALE Act 1 - (Chorus & Queen) - "Adios bella Hispania" 9. COLUMBUS' VISION - (Columbus & chorus (off)) - "Toss'd and shaken by the billows of the deep" 10. CHORUS OF NEWSBOYS - (Newsboys) - "Herald, Tribune and Times" 11. CONSPIRITORS' MUSIC 12. CASINO GIRLS' CHORUS - "We are careless chorus maidens" 13. FINALE ACT II - "Our national song, what is it?" 14. BARCAROLLE (arr. from a Spanish air) - "Ye mariners of Spain, bring back my love again" 15. VOCAL MARCH - RETURN OF COLUMBUS - "Onward, onward with great pomp and show" 16. AMAZON MARCH (SPANISH) 17. a) BALLET MUSIC b) SOLO c) Finale 18. FINALE - (Columbus, Joanne & company) - "Now the prize is mine" APPENDIX TOPICAL SONG - Wait Till the Sweet Bye and Bye The Hen and the China Egg