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FADE OUT - FADE IN A Musical comedy in 2 acts, 19 scenes: Book and lyrics by Betty Comdon and Adolph Green: Music by Jule Styne Original production directed by George Abbot; dance and musical numbers arranged by Ernest Flatt Produced for the Broadway stage by Lester Osterman and Jule Styne Mark Hellinger Theatre - 26 May, 1964 (271 perfs) The show is set in Hollywood, in the film capital's heyday. An unpromising chorus girl is accidentally given the starring role in a new movie. When the mistake is discovered heads roll and the film is securely canned in a vault. But Rudolf, the nephew of the studio's top man, takes a liking to the girl, Hope Springfield, and arranges for a preview. The movie is a success, Hope is a star and she and Rudolf go off hand in hand. The show offers opportunities for cameo impersonations of the great film stars of the 30s, whilst its portrait of the studio head, Lionel Z. Governor is a direct take-off of Louis B. Mayer. Governor shared Mayer's notorious eye for starlets and his grudging nepotism. The characterisation is wickedly exaggerated , with Governor requiring a full-time psychiatrist at his side and with his hatred of his fourth nephew so great he can no longer say "four". MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Call Me Savage 2. Close Harmony 3. The Dangerous Age 4. Fade Out, Fade In 5. Fear 6. Fiddler and the Fighter 7. A Girl To Remember 8. Go Home Train 9. I'm With You 10. It's Good To Be Back Home 11. Lila Tremaine 12. My Fortune Is My Face 13. My Heart Is Like a Violin 14. What Is This Thing I've Got 15. They're At the Post 16. Usher From the Mezzanine CAST: - In order of appearance (Male - 16+; Female - 9+; plus chorus) Byron Prong Helga Sixtrees Pops Rosco Billy Vespers Lyman Hope Springfield Rex Ralph Governer Rudolf Governor Frank Governor Harold Governor Arnold Governor Myra May Melrose Miss Mallory Custer Corkley Max Welch Lou Williams Dora Dailey Lionel Z. Governor Dr. Anton Taurig Gloria Currie Madame Barrymore Teenagers, Autograph Kids, waiters, extras, Publicity Men, Photographer, etc